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Discover how to stress-proof your marriage

November 10, 2017

Discover how to stress-proof your marriage

There’s one thing that will reduce stress in your life—and marriage—more than anything else.

It’s making God’s priorities your priorities.

You see, the secret to reducing stress isn’t having more money, a bigger house or a better car. It’s getting your priorities right and having a strong relationship with God. And here’s why.

God the Father loves you personally and knows you intimately. Matthew 6:33 says when you trust him completely, he will take care of everything else in your life—including your marriage!

If you’re feeling stress in your marriage, then you need to do five things today:

1. Trust God and His promises. Repent of any unbelief you may have toward God’s provision.

2. Prioritize your relationship with God as sacred as you treat worry and fear as sins and enemies.

3. Prioritize your daily relationship with your spouse and children as sacred as you build disciplines and traditions to protect them.

4. Break off unhealthy close relationships with worldly or driven people as you build relationships with committed believers. 

5. Reject the lie that money will make you happy and will provide best for the needs of your family.

I hope you will take the time to make these five items a priority in your marriage today.

Also, I want to ask you to do one more thing.

If you ask me, couples serving in the armed forces endure some of the greatest levels of stress. Extended periods away from each other and the constant threat of being in harm’s way; all of it can take a huge toll on these families. That is why we want to provide as many military couples as possible with free tickets to one of our XO conferences. But to do this we need your help.

Help military families attend an XO Marriage Conference

Your gift today will help military families attend an XO Marriage Conference, giving them strength for their relationship with God and each other.

Tickets for the conference cost $90, and our goal is to give 100 military families the opportunity to attend the conference free of charge. So please give as generously as you are able below!

When you give below, we’ll send you a link to a special message from Jimmy called ‘Stress-Proofing Your Marriage’ to say thanks for your support and to help you experience God’s best for your relationships.

If you are a military couple and are interested in attending one of these events, send an email to

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