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August 27, 2015

How well God must like you— you don’t hang out at Sin Saloon, you don’t slink along Dead-End Road, you don’t go to Smart-Mouth College. Instead you thrill to God ’s Word, you chew on Scripture day and night. You’re a tree replanted in Eden, bearing fresh fruit every month, Never dropping a leaf, always in blossom. You’re not at all like the wicked, who are mere wind blown dust— Without defense in court, unfit company for innocent people. God charts the road you take. The road they take is Skid Row.

Better to obey God than suffer on His Skid Row. He charts the road, a path to a blessed life full hedges, pot holes, and thorny bushes on occasion and while there we find God’s will that toughened us up to take the next assignment given us. If you survive the small holes and have the means to dig out, it’s the pit that Corrie Ten Boom’s sister told her about. Not to deep to crawl out of one she found herself in during the Holocaust. Yes, it happened.

America has a pit to crawl out of,  we need to get our heads out of the sand and step up to the plate. Take a leap of faith, and take back what’s been taken away from us. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the freedom to choose which church, which newspapers, which groups, and along comes a person with a bent to take out his bigotry on people who have not ever misspoke about him or the color of his skin. By the way, no I did not vote for him or his VP who is also Caucasian. Just because some self appointed preacher said white Christians should die for something none of us did to him or them.

America needs to stand up to all this hypocrisy and satanic nonsense. Therein lies the key to a lot of problems. How did I figure this out? I read my Bible and various other versions. Just because something is posted on a internet website does not automatically make it factual, it means check out other sources then decide.

B. Rodgers


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