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The Bible is God’s Words

July 1, 2015

Carman Licciardello

BUT IS THE BIBLE THE WORD OF GOD OR MAN ? Ultimately everything we choose to believe requires faith. Whether it’s the Bible being Gods word or 2 rocks crashing in space and creating life. Whether it’s the documents of a scientist or the documents of men who walked with Jesus. Unless we were there to see the dinosaurs drop over sideways and fall dead or actually saw a risen Christ walk out of the grave. It all requires faith in someone else’s writings. Seeing that’s the case, here is why I would choose to believe in this book called the Bible over all others. First, it’s not 1 book. It’s 66 books. Written over 1,000’s of years by different people from all walks of life who lived in time periods, spoke different languages, had different occupations, but all testified to the same unfolding fact. There is but one God and one mediator between God and man. Jesus Christ. And they never contradicted each other from Genesis to Revelation. People hate hearing that. So we question the Bible more than any other historical document. No one wants to believe their a sinner in need of a savior. So like a bathroom scale that doesn’t say what we expect it should say, we assume it’s broke or off or needs fixing. But the Bible doesn’t need fixing. It’s Ten Commandments are still etched on the walls of our Supreme Court and every president who takes the oath of office puts his hand on it as he takes that oath as a symbol of truth. It says what it says and we either accept it or reject it. A very simple premise. But then the issue always comes up “It was written and changed and messed up by man”. Here’s a common sense thought: I was watching a special on TV about how gangs, Mafia family’s, Skin heads and even K.K.K. Groups are controlled by leaders who are behind bars in maximum security prisons. They have ways of sending orders and detailed instructions on how thing are to be run. They’ve been doing this for decades. They are smart, cunning and ruthless. Figuring out ways to make sure they’re messages get out and are delivered with deadly accuracy. So the issue is really this: If a lifetime criminal can figure out a way how to make sure his messages are delivered properly from death row to his followers, I find it hard to believe that a God, who spoke the worlds into existence, can’t figure out a way of protecting and preserving his word down through the ages so it can be delivered accurately to his followers too. If God is incapable of doing what the leader of a Mafia organization can do, then yes – his word had been compromised and you can’t trust any of it. But if God is smarter than a skin head then Jesus words are dead on when he says “You must be born again”. Can I hear at least one amen…

Noted. Like some of the Hamus said. “The Israelites God is throwing our missiles off course” That is my God! 😆


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