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5 Ways (Reasons) First Time Visitors Never Return

November 12, 2014

As a church goer, I have noticed, in many occasions we are surrounded by first time guests, who never come back to church, and if you attend church on a regular basis, you may have noticed the same.

I decided to investigate this phenomenon and  some of the reasons  first time guests are not returning back to church are really surprising:

1.  No clear and obvious place to get information. If your church does not have a welcome center or a just a simple desk to welcome new comers you probably have lowered the chances of a return visit by half. There should also be someone to greet and assist guests at that information center as well.

2. Unfriendly church members. A recent survey revealed that a significant number of respondents included non-genuine friendliness in their answer as a reason for not coming back. In other words, the guests perceived some of the church members were faking it.

3. Standing up and greeting one another during the worship service.  Many  guests are really uncomfortable during this time. This may not be what the new comers want. I was really surprised to learn that it was the most frequent reasons.


bored in church

4. Members telling guests that they were in their seat or pew. Unfortunately this still continues to take place in some churches. Please let them sit wherever they want.

5. Boring or bad worship service. It is so important to be able to experience the presents of the Holy Spirit with out feeling that you are being judged or treated like an outcast. Lets provide an environment were newcomers feel loved, accepted and most of ALL ‘Uplifted.


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