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Consider the Lilies by Joel Hemphill

September 20, 2014

Song by Joel Hemphill

Verse 1:
{D} Con – sid – er the {D7} lil – ies, they don’t {G} toil nor {E7}spin

But {A7} there’s not a king with more {G} splen – dor {A} than {D} them

{D}Con – sid – er the {D7} spar – row, he does – n’t {G] plant nor {E7} sow

But he’s {A7} fed by the Mast – er Who {G} watch – {A} es him {D} grow

      {D} We have a {D7} heav – en – ly {G} Fath – er a – {E7} bove

      With {A7} eyes full of mer – cy and a {G} heart {A} full of {D} love

      He real – ly {D7} cares when your {G} head is bowed {E7} low

      Con – {A} sid – er the {A7} lil – ies and {G} then {A} you will {D} know

Verse 2:
{D} May I in – tro – {D7} duce you to {G} this Friend of {E7} mine

Who {A7} hangs out the stars and tells the {G} sun {A} when to {D} shine

And kiss – es the {D7} flow – ers each {G} morn – ing with {E7} dew

But {A7} He’s not too bus – y to {G} care {A} a – bout {D} you!

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