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A newly married couple asks you for advice about the first year of marriage. What do you tell them?

April 10, 2014

A newly married couple asks you for advice about the first year of marriage. What do you tell them?

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Cathy Rodgers

Shannon Simmons Don’t share your struggles with your parents or family members. Find a seasoned couple who have shown commitment to God AND their vows to mentor you in your first few years of marriage. #LeaveandCleave
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G Theswaggerman Evariste Keep their problems away from family members.
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Casara D’Altorio-Rodriguez The first year is the hardest, if you can get through that you can get through everything, pray together, laugh together, make time for each other, communicate and love to the fullest
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LaVonia Proctor Williams Keep God first and keep others out of your marriage..
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Bridgett Peoples Mitchell Lose your expectations of what you think marriage should be and let God mold it.
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Nicki Moore Junell Pray together!
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Courtney Carter Move away from immediate family and learn to live just you and your spouse. Best thing we ever had to do.
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Angel Brian Driskill Never stop dating each other.
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April Enriquez-Freeman So true…We’ve been married since we were 19(now in our 40’s) 4 children & 20+ years in the Marine Corps & we have date night at least 3 times a month
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Cathy Rodgers

Cathy Jackson Keep God First!!!
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Tara Webb Parker 1. Pick your battles wisely. Don’t fight over things that don’t really matter.
2. Give each other personal space. There is nothing about the bills that needs discussing until after they finish pooping.
3. Definitely take a date night at least every two weeks. It’s good to reconnect when your lives get busy.
4. Support!! Make sure that you take the time to let them know you are ALWAYS on their side.
5. Confide in your husband/wife more than you do your friends. They have a right to be the closest person to you.
6. Remain very sexually active. You both connect to each other with sex. It is not a weapon, punishment, or reward. It is meant to provide a physical and emotional connection to your spouse.
7. Talk openly about everything. There should never be anything you need to hide.
8. Pray together and take time to uplift your spouse spiritually.
9. Put your spouse’s needs before your own. When both do that for each other, they are both happier.
10. Do something goofy every day to make your spouse laugh. It brightens the mood for you both!
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Traci Soto Don’t fight over money. Figure out how to deal with finances together without fighting over it
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Joy Nadine Brandt Humility and open communication. Know that you both will continue to struggle as life’s challenges never cease, but keep the end goal of Heaven on your hearts. Love unselfishly. Eachother’s salvation and happiness should be top priority. (: And remember to slow down. Think before you speak; ponder often how your words are affecting eachother.
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Donna Palmer Collins Don’t go to sleep angry!!! EVER!!! Stay up and work it out!! This has worked for us for almost 36 years!!!!
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Jason N Amanda Graff Never ever use the word divorce in the heat of an argument! Learn to take a pause and cool off! At the end of a fight tell them you love them!
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Laura Lee Keep family and friends out of your marriage…focus on the two of you and keep communication one of your top priorities….
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Tonya Walker Keep God 1st, pray together,keep communication open with each other,never keep secrets, DON’T FORGET to have as,much fun married as they did before married! date alot, laugh, stay in CHURCH!!! P r a y
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Stephen Mayo Pray
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Tamara Jackson Laugh alot
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Naomi Ortiz Gonzalez always keep CHrist as the center of your marriage
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Sholonda Fantroy Nealy Put God first and pray together. Hang in there and be sure to have open communication. Be a good listener and observer. Be honest and forgiving. Be friends and laugh together.
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Gabriella Souza Accept him as he is. Don’t try to improve him. He will make mistakes as he learns what being Head of Household means. Give him two years to get used to Headship. Don’t remind him of mistakes made. Compliment him always. Let him know how desirable and attractive you find him. Learn to love his sports and let him know when his favorite teams are playing.
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Valarie Mathews Williams Pick and choose your battles. Communication is key.
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Beth Murdock Dameron Always be honest….no matter what. Trust is hard to rebuild!
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Mike Evans Advice to men: Listen twice as much as you talk. REALLY listen. Advice to women: Whatever your husband’s hobbies and interests are, make a real effort to learn as much as you can about them. It’s no fun for a woman when yer husband can’t repeat back what she just said, and a wife telling her husband that a touchdown is worth 4 points is only cute once.
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Jaclynn Pyle Communication and forgiveness. Never stop praying together or for each other.
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Nancy Thasma Anderson Your spouse is your bestfriend. Never confide in the opposite sex about your marital issues. Go to the lord or seek counsel from a wise person of the same sex or seek counsel as a couple from another couple. Pray, pray, pray!!!! The first year can be verrrry tough.
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Miranda Atkins Never go to bed angry!
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Chad Luelf Don’t take each other for granted!
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Jo Moore Put God First and keep your family out of your business.
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Robin Powell Love each other like Jesus loves us, gentle with mercy and grace in the easy and hard times.
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Terah A Brock Communication is the key! MAKE the time EVERY DAY to connect. Cook and eat dinner together. Go on road trips just the two of you. Put away the cell phones & computers, turn the TV off and talk. When you disagree (and you will) try to see the situation through your partners eyes. Be forgiving. Don’t go to bed angry. Always kiss each other good bye and good night. Husbands- always treat your wife as your most important client and never stop dating your wife. Wives- respect your husband. Support him, be his biggest cheerleader and sounding board- build him up. Take care of each other and don’t take each other for granted. Always tell the truth and remember why you wanted to spend the rest of your life with your spouse.
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Scotty Abbott Marriage is a commitment a commitment to guide the other person to cater to the other person laugh and love beyond what you’ve ever received from anyone. Learn their heart and soul never loosing yourself and your morals stay true because that honesty will make you happy within and in return your spouse will equally be happy love is hard but it doesn’t have to be. Never hold transgressions against your spouse heal together and grow physically and spiritually Let God guide your heart and take faith and know that there was a reason you fell in love and the key is to fall in love all over again everyday never lose the fun the easy going life pulls you into a cycle and it’s easy as humans to get emotional and become nasty if you will but never give up on one another and remember its no ones business but you and your spouses alone communicate laugh and live and all will be well
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Bryan Perea Pray together, attend church together, serve together(if possible), go on dates, have lots and lots of sex.
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Latasha Lovethelord Collins Develop great communication skills, keep no secrets and pray together often
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Debra Myers Be patient with each other, communicate, love ,forgive and let go of any wrongs !! Be sure to have a date night every week and have sex often!!
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Chrystal Stubbs be willing to do things differently than the way you have always done them
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Qinugan Roddy Make God the center of your marriage.
Have fun together.
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Leticia Bolorin Put God in the center of your marriage. Be led only by God & the Holy Spirit not people around you . Get into the habit if praying together . Lastly, do not forget your date nights!!
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Amanda Valenzuela Ask each other “what are the top 3 things I can do to show you I love you?” And strive to do that every day. It’s good to check in from time to time to see if the top 3 change. Meet each others emotional and physical needs and determine to do so after babies come. There is no such thing as privacy in marriage. Be completely open and know each others passwords to everything.
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Brandon Bornagainfitness Jenkins Safeguard your marriage, take a course on how to effectively communicate, don’t involve friends/family in disputes, pray together, have a date night once a week and learn the dynamics of how relationships evolve. Once the honeymoon period wears off the real work begins.
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Shon Tabora Join a good church and always put God first.
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Cicely Meeks Communicate Pray
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Lori N Tim Fowler Quit trying to seek advice, have fun because that’s what counts and live life with each other.
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Stephanie Kelly Dykes Pick your battles carefully and be willing to admit your wrong
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Celicia P. Garcia Communication is a must!! & give yourselves space. That was the hardest thing for me once we moved in together, not having any privacy. It takes a while to get used to someone living with you 24/7. But if you communicate how you feel your partner will understand you better.
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Gaylene Hutsell Cason Talk! Communication is very important.
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Terra Boice Make sure you always put your relationship with God first…He is the only one that can truly satisfy every need without fail. Putting the responsibility on our spouse is not fair.
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Megan Lindsey McClintock Die to yourself and serve one another!
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Steven Bobo communicate, say thank you and im sorry often, put the needs of your spouse before your own, dont discuss marital issues with family, love your spouse for who they are, put God first.
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Jean Ann Whitehead Start everything at Page 1. You left your father and mothers house to becone One in Christ…… Don’t try to duplicate. Two seperate people came from two households. God has unique destiny for your own family.
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Crissy Aaron Curtis Put God first, pray together, read bible together. Communication and Always forgive!! Continue to go on dates and wait at least a year before children to have time to learn each other. May God bless your marriage. Always remember divorce is NOT an option unless abuse is involved…If things get hard seek a counselor to help resolve any issues…never go to bed angry!
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James Gatling Keep people out your business!

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