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Only 7…

December 10, 2013

I wanted a Tree for Christmas, few understood. When you move everything changes. Where you eat, where you sleep, cook, wash laundry and dishes, shop, and realize if anything goes missing, your the only one to blame, if you don’t buy certain things needed, you should be the only one to make sure its it’s purchased as soon as financially possible.

I found a tree in my budget….Then realized I had no ornaments except the seven. Three I made with flour, salt and warm water, four where rejections from pass trees that on one wanted, broken, damaged and rejected. Plus some candy canes!

Then I got an offer I could not refuse. Actually, I could have, but didn’t. It’s just right!  I was loaned two bags of decorations, the garland, the ornaments and the Angel on top! (God’s army marching over the tree tops) I want to find a store that has those drums, and the small packages. They are so “me”!

It’s not about the tree, is is about lights! The bright morning star! It’s the light that streams into two of my rooms early in the morning that really wakes me up…No! That is a daily act if God. I don’t have to tell God where I am or what I’m doing or going to do. He already knows!

It’s not fancy, or overbearing. Not covered up. Just decorated to add the Christmas touch. To celebrate the birth of my Lord and Savior.


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