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What is your story?

August 10, 2013

Greg Laurie · 146,377 like this
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What’s Your Story?

How did you come to know Jesus Christ?

That is your testimony, and every Christian has one. Some stories be more radical than others, but every testimony is significant.

Perhaps you have heard the testimony of some person who came from an extreme background tell of how they were delivered from drugs or alcoholism. They were a gang member or a prostitute. They served time in prison.

I received an e-mail from a man who came to Christ at our crusade in 1991. He writes:

“On that divine Thursday evening in 1991, God took this lost, suicidal, hardened, 15-year-old member of the Crips and radically transformed me. My life was instantly revolutionized, and I’ve never been the same since. Next month, I will celebrate 23 years in the Lord. By God’s grace I’ve had the privilege of ministering His Word all around the world. Had I not gone to the Harvest Crusade that evening, I’m confident that I would now either be dead or in prison!”

What an amazing testimony! However, his testimony is no better than yours. Just different.

When I was a young Christian, I remember a girl telling me she was going to go back into the world because she wanted a “more dramatic testimony.” She never came back. Listen, not everyone’s story may be dramatic, but everyone’s conversion is drastic, because when you get down to it, God essentially does the same thing for all of us at conversion:

We were all separated from Him by sin.
We were all going to hell.
We all come to salvation through the cross.
And now we are headed for heaven.

Everyone’s story is legit. Why? Because we all essentially start from the same place and we all experience dramatic change at the hand of God. And no matter how different their circumstances may be from yours, those who listen to your testimony can recognize that they too are sinners and need change—they can see a part of their story in yours.

When you share your faith with others, one of the best tools in your evangelistic toolbox is your personal testimony. But it should always be a bridge to share the gospel.

Your story points them to the greatest story ever told: the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

So, what’s your story?
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Dominique Gonzalez Ushery There was a period in my life that I grew increasingly depressed due to an affair by my husband, a teenage rebellious runaway, an elder daughter that had 4 children and one on the way in the CPS system. Every aspect of my life was crushing me in despair. After a total hysterectomy I hit rock bottom and gave in to the depression by taking 3 bottles of blood pressure, and water pills. I became extremely sick and lethargic which caused my daughter to call my Father who in turn called 911. I was in a very restful sleep and awoke to extreme pounding on my front door along with the annoying ringing of the doorbell. The EMT’S, Fire dept, and police were there at my front door. I, with encouragement was taken to the hospital where my B/P was approximately 76/48. I was triaged in the ER and once stabilized taken to ICU in kidney failure. By the grace of God I recovered and when my earthly Father Juan brought me a book of affirmations and a highlighted verse: Come to me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest…….. that verse for me at the depths of despair was my saving grace….. and made all the difference. Through Christ I live and can face tomorrow! Now I sing God’s praises and tell of his gospel and good news whenever I can. Problems may come my way but I have God to see me through…..
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Joe Menear By God’s grace we are saved. God bless you my sister.
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David Austin Amen Sister.
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Cathy Rodgers Emmaus style! January 8, 1967 walked out of a room and ran into the Pastor! Who said he had something to do….I was the reason, accepted Jesus Christ on the steps of the Church, baptized March 31, 1967! Ephesians 2:8-10, John 3:16…
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Susan O’Rourke Tuttle God came to me August 27th, 1991 and had a personal encounter with me. I was dying of alcoholism, with internal bleeding. 22 years later this month and still have not drank. I know He that saved me, in Jesus Name, Susan.
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Stephanie Barresi I didn’t truly become aware of the love that God had for me until one sunny afternoon while watching the 700 club. It was an interview with a well known Christian singer by the name of Natalie Grant.
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John Foote I wasn’t looking for God, didnt want nothing to do with him, He came to me and softened my heart and I was empowered to believe in him. The end.
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Greg Sepeda After the death of my grandfather an stepdad just 12 months apart I saw how fragile life is. Began to search for answers at same time the pressures of being new dad myself and having to be there for my mom n sisters was overwhelming. My flesh wrestled …See More
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Carol Fowler Cody When I was 12, I was in the backyard and I was thinking about Jesus and God. I thought to myself. I think I’ll believe in God but not Jesus. The Lord spoke to me and said, “No one comes to the Father except through Me.” So I said, “Ok, I’ll believe in Jesus too.” And He has been my Savior and Lord for almost 50 years now.
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Kevin Stanfield After 20 years of alcohol and drug abuse, I found my way into MN. Teen challenge, it was there that I found true peace and joy like I have never known before. Its been 5 and one half years clean and sober and only by the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ!
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John Siveter PRAISE GOD!!!
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Kristy Howard-Clark I was 2 years old and full of myself. I thought I was pretty cool.I asked my foster mother, ” Who made me ? ” She said, ” God.” So I started trying to get to know God. At the age of 5, I was sent to Sunday school and was taught the gospel with a little…See More
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Douglas A Livesay III I was once very involved in the occult, crystals, black magik, reading the satanic bible, and anything “spiritual” sounding. I thought I was happy, yet something was always missing. I tried for years to fill the God shaped hole in my heart with anythin…See More
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Lauren Shepherd Long story short, fell in love with the wrong guys and ultimately let it fester and destroy me. Betrayed by a church I thought was my home and everything went to heck in a hand basket. I was miserable until I was at a bonfire with a church I really di…See More
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Barbara Mitaritonna-Avellino I lost my only child at 4 years old it will be 2 year’s on the 21st of August. The gentlemen who engraved my daughter’s stone saw me weeping in the mausoleum and sat with me for 2 hours he cried and prayed wirh me. Before leaving he gave me a bible with a card in it with his church’s name on it Calvary Chapel Old Bridge, NJ. One month later I drove to service one night and i haven’t stopped.
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Carla Butler Oct 1st 2006–I was born again. The Lord healed me from anxiety. He revealed Himself to me, showed me my sin, revealed to me my need for a Saviour, and showed me His Great Love and forgiveness at the same moment–I knew I was loved and accepted. I repented from unbelief and all my sin and received Him as my Lord and Saviour and haven’t looked back.
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Pami Bickel-Peterson While attending a “Free BBQ” in the Lead, South Dakota Park…during the 2008 Sturgis Rally…….started out to be just free BBQ about 1:00pm. I ended up staying there, listening to free music from a Christian Biker Band. In the early hours of dark, t…See More
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Renita Howe Well when I was 4 my mom went out one night but when she came back nothing was the same she was different , she walked in and started giving me all this salt to eat from the salt shaker then she took my sister and I out on a corner and told us to take …See More
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Tonie Taylor I was a liar, a cheater and a non believer. an addiction to sex and drugs that lead to the end of my marriage. ashamed of who i was and what i did. the Lord began to work in my life and today 2 1/2 years later my marriage is being resurected and and i have been made a new creation thanks to the grace of God.
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Frank Vega Greg, I started attending Harvest Riverside in 1979 on Sunday evenings. I was blessed by hearing the gospel come to life. You my friend and the parents of friends who would take us every Sunday. We also had a Bible study with a young couple that drove …See More
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Pami Bickel-Peterson While attending a “Free BBQ” in the Lead, South Dakota Park…during the 2008 Sturgis Rally…….started out to be just free BBQ about 1:00pm. I ended up staying there, listening to free music from a Christian Biker Band. In the early hours of dark, …See More
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Deena Reagan I have a story…..I’m excited to be coordinating the simulcast at our church for Harvest!!!!
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Ruben Vega At the age of 44 I finally found a non-denominational church and a pastor who took the time to answer my questions.
He taught me bible basics and led me to accept Christ.
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Veronica Avila Well, I actually grew up in a home a lot like yours Pastor Greg, my mother-single, beautiful, she was a bartender so she came home drunk most nights. Along with the friends and men she brought home with her. So of course to escape, I turned to drugs an…See More
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Debbie DiMascio Jan 12, 1975. I was almost 9. There was something missing in my life, but I had no idea what. My mom had gotten saved and started attending a Bible believing church and told me about Jesus. I went to church with her a few days later and went forwa…See More
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John Siveter I recently came to know Jesus through the cross! Death to self- raised with Christ! I asked for an outpouring of His Spirit in my life. Every since then I am growing in the grace and knowledge of our LORD Jesus Christ… (after going through the motions for 20+ years)
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April Escobar-Prigmore My parents were involved with full-time ministry. I gave my heart to Jesus when I was 8 yrs. old. I began thinking about eternity when I was 5 and asking my mom questions. She waited and prayed for me to understand. I knew I was ready to ask Christ to forgive me and be my Savior when I was 8. Each passing day I have grown in my faith and have fallen more and more in love with Christ, my Savior!
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Elliott Warshaw I grew up in Jewish household. Kind of drifted through life. At 44, I went to a friend’s funeral. The pastor led the Prayer of Confession. I started the prayer saying, “What a great way to trick someone into saying this.” Halfway through, I felt my bo…See More
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Jennifer Ashley Stocking I have been going to Harvest Riverside for 20 years, calling it my home, and have always considered myself a christian as i went to every church camp, every sundy study and lived my youth years in a home of believers, but 2005 was the start of my chaot…See More
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Laurie Walsh My sin lead my too Him.
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Monique Barthes It was the summer of 2008. I was 15 at the time and my aunt was just telling me about god and how she accepted Christ so she told me I should do it too. So I did. Never regretted it.
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Teri Willis Long story short..June 6, 1975, drug induced hell created – alone in desperation seeking God on my knees at bedside, He showed up and delivered me — Sat morn, I ended up at a church (not knowing where I was headed) with a special service that had Nikkie Cruise and Victory Outreach.. SAVED!!!!
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Wendy C Stephenson Listening to you on radio 20 years ago. Your testimony paired with the Holy Spirit lead me to the sinners prayer. Thank you for for humbling story of redemption  from South Carolina.
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Jacqueline Miranda Amen! As horrible as that time was in my life before I accepted Christ, I love that it happened because it brought me to my knees and I’m so thankful tjat i through it.. Wouldn’t have changed a thing…
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Hermineh Nercissian Haroutounian 14 in Tehran, Iran….On a warm summer afternoon first time hearing why Christ died on the cross…Everything made sense…I walked home gazing at the moon knowing that I somehow know the creator of that beautiful moon personally…I love my best friend in life, Jesus Christ…So looking forward seeing Him
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Suzi Q MoboLa I’ve known Jesus as far back as I can remember. It’s a good thing. I went through some time away from Him and probably would not have found my way to Him if I had not already known Him. My bio father left when I was 4. Step father was a molester, fathe…See More
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Michele Carson My story starts with being born blind. I feel it is important that I start with that because my mom was in the Catholic Church and when she found out she had a child born blind she knew she needed more and they told her she wasn’t ready she needed to w…See More
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Sherry Davis McFall A neighbor invited my husband & I to a home Bible study in Jan. ’96 and a month later invited us to Harvest. In April of that year I came forward to except Christ and my husband came forward in May. We both believed in God, but had never taken that step of faith surrendering our lives to our Lord! We have never looked back, looking forward to the day we can be with Him in eternity!!!
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Anita Lambert I was nine so you have not had time to do bad acts. I understand the woman who went back. The devil really uses this against you. He will tell you you were not saved ….what did you do to be forgiven.. We should be very aware and support the ones who are saved at an early age. It took me a while to realize that after salvation you start to build a personal relationship with God our Father
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Ross Walker Gave my life to Christ on 5th December 1980 at a church coffee shop. A school buddy witnessed to me for about a year and half sharing Christian music. I was more interested in wanting the experience he said he had (as I considered him cool) rather than feeling any need for salvation. Despite my motives I met Jesus that night and He changed my life.
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Joe Guerra Harvest Riverside 1990, walked the isle, got my name in the book, doin the best I can waiting for the king
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Stephanie Eberle I came to know Jesus Christ through a Christian Rock group called STRYPER!
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Tatie Noah after responding to so many alter calls and not receiving, the Lord planted a friend in my life 15 years earlier that walked me throught the bible of being born again … from the outside my life was perfect, from the inside I was empty and missing something… Jesus… 15 years later i was ready to hear and my friend was there ….and the rest was history.. God is soooo Good
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Pamela Pinkston Bollinger I was 9 and it was right before I turned 10, my parents got divorced but – the story should never end…when did you come to know Jesus….its a never ending relationship and a never ending story!!!!
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Lilian Ruth Holmes Tofinga I thank God for miraculously bringing me out of a backslidden life of 20 years, for restoring my broken marriage, and through years of intercessory prayer, 3 of my children have recommitted their lives to Christ and God is using them in church ministry…See More
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Jessie Harris After reading the book of Revelation for the first time. First book of the Bible i ever read.
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John Farina October 15, 1998 at Harvest Crusade in the Philadelphia Spectrum. It was the first time I heard you.
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James Nusky I am a Philly boy myself John…
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Cathy Littlebear I gave my life to Christ on March 25, 1970, thru the ministry of Teen Challenge.
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Joe Menear I had a terrible accident in 2007 that left me with a spinal cord injury for life. Then, I lost my mom in 2008 after she had a hip replacement. I watched her give up on life & give in to death. My older brother & I were very close & did a lot together….See More
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Mike Brookman I was baptized on 3-16-69. My transformation into a true believer and follower of Christ was a slow, non-dramatic one. I didn’t one day see the light and drastically change my life. Over the course of time and with constant prayer from my parents I have totally turned my life over to Christ.
I’m blessed by reading some of your stories. Our God is great!
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Susan Nogales Had 4 fathers, and Mom’s many boyfriends in between (like you )When I was 13, I gave my life- when I was 18, walked away. Joined the military-A.F.- got pregnant by a pilot, had a little girl, got out – became a dancer- exotic dancer – even in Las Vegas…See More
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Melissa Bush Hite Greg Laurie led me to The Lord when I was 16 years old, in 1978. It was a Wednesday evening youth service at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. A friend invited me to come check out all of the cute surfer guys, and I ended up meeting The Love of my life! .
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Antonello Val Greg , im glad you post this up. I was a gang member when i was 16 and got jump by them so i can join the the gang. It was very scary to be in the gang. They all want me to beat people and more. I couldn’t live that kinda of Life. It was the worse …See More
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James Nusky 2009 came down with Cancer, I didn’t even believe in God , thought it was all nonesense , then started thinking of not only where I am going, but not seeing my grand kids grow up. So even though God is not into the deal bizz, I made one anyway. Stating I will serve him the rest of my life to see my grands grow up. Started going to every church I could think of looking for a home,to no avail. Then a coworker told me in 2010 that she found a church home. I went there the first weds.night became a born again Christian and I am not a fan of Jesus ,but a dedicated follower ,sharing the good news whereever I go. God Bless you Greg, your teaching has help me so much.
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Martin Pratt Greg, I appreciate this and I am seeing how less our testimony is and how more important to share the story of God. Ours may suppliiment the gospel story but shouldn’t be the heart of the message.
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Scott Neptune Life knocked me flat on my back. No where to look but up. He gave me enough faith to see Him. Never been the same
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Judy Gyde My bro & wife (Christians) lost their first child during childbirth. I was devastated. Even tho’ they were sad, they walked thru this situation with such grace and peace. Observing that, and that they didn’t blame God, I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior (5-3-76). Best decision of my life!
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Kami Martin Crump I received Christ when I was six. My mother shared the good news with me. She read me a short book that she got from church. It was like a comic book only the little boy in it was sharing Jesus. I used to want a more dramatic testimony until the day that a sweet old lady in church told me, “The most blessed of salvations take place at mothers knee”. I have never forgotten that.
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Ladonna Mcgillivray At a Billy Grahm crusade, Angel stadium at age 12. 1968. 
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Monica Stella My story is far too long but God would speak to me in my deep despair as a child. I would sit with my dogs an just cry for hours. I was not loved by my family and had no human contact . I had the unconditional love of my dogs and God would wash me in the words “everything will be alright. You will be okay”
Over the years I got lost in the continual negativity from those I considered friends. I was always in search of human connection. The voice disappeared.
I recently hit a point where I gave in and let it all go, the anger, frustration, expectation, anxiety…all the negativity…and the comfort of the voice returned with an “it is okay”.
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Penny Schaff-Eldred I lost my little sister really young and lost my mom to cancer, pretty young. Instead of being mad at God like I was for years, I turned to him instead!
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BetteJo Willey Alderman Stephenson My story began when I was eight….I came from a family that practiced their Christian faith and attended church each Sunday. Yes, our family had its flaws…we are after all humans. But, God knew I needed to come to the Lord early so I would not get caught up in worldly pursuits as many of my friends did. He knew I would need a deep grounding in my faith so I could serve Him through the difficult times. I know that living my faith has brought others to Christ and that is what we are called to do. I love being able to bless others and serve the Lord at the same time. Thank you, Lord for your gift of salvation.
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Courtney Issac After exhausting all my options in a jobless situation my Father-in-law and lead me to the alter and taught me to give it all to Jesus, I was baptized and renewed 2008.
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Jamie Samano Your testimony is your biggest evangelistic tool! People cannot argue with personal testimony.
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Marnie Lopez I was invited to Harvest on July 18, 1999. I thought “why not. It could be fun.”

I think I spent almost the entire evening with tears in my eyes from the over-abundance of emotions I was feeling. When the call came at the end of the night, I was too afraid to go down to the field (“what if my friends laugh at me for going?”). I did invite Jesus into my life from my seat. Then as we were getting ready to leave, I said “Wait. I need to go down to the field” and took off down the steps, tears rolling down my cheeks.

Then, a few weeks later, I was driving home from work and there was a passage I had read that I had questions about. I was flipping through the radio and happened to stop on Air 1. Luis Palau was talking about the passage I was having a hard time understanding. suddenly it was all clear.

I have so many stories to share, but will end with this one. In 2009, I was struggling with whether or not I should leave my job and stay home full-time with our son. My husband kept saying we would find a way to make it work (financially), but i was still worried. Then one night near the end of January, I sat in my office at work and prayed. I told the Lord I was listening and ready to hear what he had to say. I heard in my heart “trust me.” I can’t tell you how quickly the butterflies in my tummy appeared. I was scared. Who isn’t? Trusting Him with our finances is something almost all of us struggle with. He told me to Trust Him. I didn’t want to. When I got in the car to come home, I turned on the radio and on air 1 (again) they were talking about how if we are going to trust the Lord with our lives, that includes our finances. I went home and told my husband I was ready to stay at home.
It hasn’t been a walk in the park. We still have times when we struggle, but we make ends meet every month; even when I know we don’t have enough to do it.
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Mateo Roque Whosoever Well I don’t know where I should start, when I was young my family went to church, and had bible studies once a week. I was about 5 -9 years old and I never knew who God was. I hated going to church… But then for a while my parents and I haven’t been going to church. As I was growing up been getting deep into pornography and in high school I started drinking, I honestly thought I was going to be a major alcoholic when I turn 21. I was in this off and on relationship with this girl, because of trust issues and found out she has been cheating on me. I did started going back to church my jr. Year because my mom wanted to go and I was going to make her happy. My senior year of highschool, I was just done being with my gf at the time and tired of her lies. I was getting treated like crap. Unwanted, I was really depressed. One day before Christmas I decided to go and commit suicide.. And I remember it was raining. I was at school during winter break because I had to take care of a steer. (FFA) but yeah stuff just really happened that day. And my friend who was there, who accepted Christ about a month before, started talking to me about Jesus and I think he wanted to share me something from Matthew and I wasn’t fully listening but it did give me comfort and I know that The Lord was calling me from that point on. He was working in my life. Finally at the Harvest crusade I stepped down to the field when Greg did the altar call. Very emotional night. I thank The Lord for everything now.
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Jennifer Montgomery I came to Christ w/ my Grandma (awesome Christian woman who I love dearly) at age 12 a year or so after my Dad got taken to heaven! She assured me that by dedicating my life to follow Christ it will lead me to not fear death. I know I will go to heaven & be reunited w/ my Dad & all other loved ones who pass before me! I did not grow up going to church & always sought it out. I have followed you Greg Laurie from Calvary Costa Mesa to Riverside & to Irvine. My husband & I love your sermons & have had a hard time committing to get plugged into a local church near us In YL because we haven’t found a connection to any other pastors! I have had a few spiritual guilders in my life that always remind me to keep strong in my faith & God will always be there for me! I am assured He will guide our family in the right direction.
Bonus note:
I am blessed w/ 2 sons -Blake age 10 months & almost 7 yr old Trent. I am so proud to say that yesterday he proclaimed his faith @ FCA baseball camp. After 4 days being surrounded by amazing coaches & kids he said on Monday (1st day of camp) he accepted Jesus into his heart because he knows God loves him & us! I hope he is blessed w/ strong spiritual guilders through out his life & his little brother follows in his amazing foot steps!
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Jeannette Guerra A good friends brother died at 23, I was 25 and never thought about facing death, I wanted to be sure if I was to take my last breath on earth, that I would have assurance of where I was going to spend eternity. I had always known there is a God, I just got to know him personnaly.
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Rosa Rivera I first started going to church when I was about 8yrs old I was fortunate enough to have felt the holy spirit ever since a young age n I talked in tounges. However I never truly sat at home n read the bible or prayed much and when I did I felt I didn’t understand it much but I knew there was a God because I had felt his amazing presence. I was in n out of church till about when I was 25yrs old and God lifted me up. I was diagnosed with cancer cells that we’re rapidly spreading. The doctors gave me a 80% chance that I’ll never be able to conceive a child. If I did my body won’t hold it because the cancer was in my cervix. To a woman this is a very important thing to hold a child a product of love from the man u love. I was married at the time. My husband abandoned me during this time. I found out he had been infaithful our whole marriage of a year and a half. I felt I had no hope except at that exact moment I cried out to God like I’ve never done in my life. Today I’m a better, stronger woman that has a relationship with God. It wasn’t because of my strength. It was him! I give him all the Glory!!!
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Rafael L Garcia I have always believed in Jesus, but in my childhood, I would never spend any time praying or reading scripture, I use to spend most of my day without aknowledging god in my spirit. I was addicted to things of the flesh for years. All of these things left me feeling empty with no fulfillment, like there was a void in my life. The ways of wrong were in my daily activity. I was spiritually blind and did not see the errors of my ways. I was disrespectful to my parents. In my speech filth and profanity. I did not have the Lord in my life. When I was nineteen, a serious revelation in my Commitment to God occurred, I examined my life and I started to realize just how much the Lord was calling me. I always knew from being sick that God somehow was always directing my path by giving my choices that would eventually led to him. The only thing that seperated me from him was the sins i committed and the under-standing that my life wasn’t mine it was his. He created me and he knew in my heart one day I would choose him. From this day on I will always put God first in everything that I do. I realized that events of hardship in my life were times when I should have called out to Jesus Christ. I realized that I wanted a stronger relationship with my God, I at first was crushed emotionally thinking it was to late to develop a deep relationship with God. I viewed my self as such a wretched sinner, that I deserved hell. I condemned my self. I knew that in everyway I was guilty I wondered would God forgive me. I hated the actions I committed in my past . My spirit was crushed and burdened, godly sorrows flooded my heart, pain consumed my soul, and I felt in every way hopeless. The thought of not honor Jesus Christ sacrifice on the cross hurt, but then it hit me, Gods mercy is everlasting and he wants us to come back to him. For it is only through our Lord Jesus Christ that we may have our relationship with God.I cried out to the Lord Jesus Christ, I said that I forgave everyone that ever that wronged me and asked him to forgive me , and asking him for a heart of flesh, to remove any stony areas in my heart, to give me a heart of purity, and soon after things changed. A deep love for God soon developed, through much scriptures getting to know God and our Lord Jesus Christ. I started to change for the better. I developed hatred of sin in my daily life and I did not want to go back to any of those habits that were spiritually unhealthy. I am in no way perfect but through much sincere prayer and through Christ which strengthens me, I sin much less and stay away from things of the flesh, and am spiritually minded. I have by the mercy of the loving Lord Jesus Christ have become alive in spirit and have received the Holy Ghost. The Lord has brought meaning into my life. Thanks to Jesus Christ my nature is one of peace and I have become more caring and respecting of others around me. Jesus Christ changed me in such a magnificent way. I want to help others know wonderful truth, I am forever humbled that Gods grace came upon me. Jesus Christ guides me in the ways of truth and has strengthen my spirit. ?I once was lost but now I?m found, was blind but now I see?. Our Lord Jesus Christ wants to come into our life and help us, but we must open the door of our hearts and call upon him asking him to be apart of our lives and help us. It is the realization of how truly hopeless we are without Jesus Christ , that allows us to truly reach out fully to him.THANK God our heavenly Father for our savior and Lord Jesus Christ!Revelation 3:20: Behold, I stand at the door, and knocking Psalm 37: 18The Lord is nigh unto them that are of broken heart; and saveth such as be of contrite (crushed) spirit 2 Corinthians 7: For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of . Ezekiel 36: 26:A new heart also will I give you, and new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh2 Corinthians 4: 6:For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ…Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
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Laurie Aldieri Daher My mother.
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Andrew Burkhart While I knew Jesus before my son was born, going through his journey with navigating life with cerebral palsy has DEFINITELY deepened my relationship with Christ in very profound ways! The fingerprints of Jesus are ALL OVER this journey. We are blessed to have a front row seat to his “beauty through ashes” and true medical miracles! We would LOVE more prayer warriors for Andrew. Please see link for more info if interested. Please PRAY FOR ANDREW! Thank you! ~ Kellie
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Benjamin Liles Without divulging a lot of my past secret sins, all I know is that the power of the shed blood of Christ washes away all of the sins we ever commit away. As scripture says, “He has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west” (Psalm 103:12, NLT).

And that’s the truth, too. It doesn’t matter how much of a sinner you believe you are, that you are a “lost” cause. The Prodigal Son thought he was forever lost as well, and yet when he came home to his father, what did his dad do? Make him a servant for having sinned? What son is given a place of honor in his father’s home if the Father hasn’t forgiven him? None. Absolutely nothing.

And that’s what we once were, all of us. Sinners in need of a changed heart, to be forgiven and justified by the One who freely does so if we just come back to Him. So, if you want to be free from your lifestyle of sin and heel-bound ways, just come to Him who saves from sin; come to the cross of Jesus and cast your cares on Him. That’s why He dies for all of us, not just you, me, my wife or anyone else. Come because you want your burdens off of you. Then go and sin no more.
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Patty Ramos In Tenn. Jan 2010 after my mother died from cancer.
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Charlie McDonÅld You . Monday Night study 1994 Costa Mesa. Thank you and Jesus
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Mark Bolaney Altar call at Harvest Ministries Riverside in 1988…
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Jeannie Tamayo Avila We all grew up Cathaolic. I was 7 when I got saved,in Sunday school. My parents lived next door to a christian couple,and we both had large families,living in a small house. We ended up moving to a bigger home,and through those years my mom stayed in contact with our nieghbors. A few years down the road,my mom kept getting ill,and her friend,Mrs. Garcia would call to check on her,pray for her,and was a good friend. The Garcia family invited us to their church,and we all tried it. I was just a kid,but felt the differance!! I Loved thepower of God,seeing devils cast out,and people being healed. This was in 1977 78. We eneded up giving our lives to Jesus,and switched churches. I was happy,because being a catholic was boring,and services lasted into eternity,even though it was only an hour. lol  My mom down the road,ended up having a stroke.(before were all saved.) Mrs Garcia visited my mom at the hospital with her husband to see her and shared the gosple. I was just listening in. I knew she was talking about Jesus. To make a loooong story short,.. my moms face was crooked,and droopy we ended up going to a service for healing. My mom was healed that day. The nerves in her face were tightening up everyday. The doctors told her her face would be droopy for a year or so,..but in 3 weeks she had NEW nerves,and suffered NO permanent damage! Our families have been saved since then. AND,many have returned back.. Im seeing end time salvations in our family,and miracles. Blessings, to the overflow,and they are still rolling in!!!   Im very greatful to DO what Jesus has always told me to do,.. PRAY & TRUST IN JESUS.
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Dawn Street I have been a Christian since the early 1950s. I don’t know the date but it was in the summer and the church was in a brush arbor revival. I was probably in 2nd grade going into 3rd. God spoke to me in our yard as I was swinging on my favorite swing (attached to the mulberry tree instead of the swing set). Everyone else was napping which means it was a Sunday since Daddy was a farmer and that was the only day he did not go into the fields. I asked Jesus to come into my heart and life that day and then went inside to tell Mom and Dad.
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Ricky Sison Amon God used my Sunday school teacher in the Philippines 35 years ago. Still not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!!
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Brandi Higareda-Bomar Jesus healed me and my now-husband from HIV.
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Julie Belle Wright I was almost 7 years old and my parents always had us in church and I listened. I was at a friends house playing around a huge oak tree. My friend and I were trying to get all the way around it without touching the ground. We were talking and I mentioned going to heaven someday. She asked how I knew that I was going to heaven. I was explaining to her that you have to accept Jesus into your heart. Since we have done bad things we will go to hell if we don’t and Jesus is the only one who can save us. My friend asks “well how do you ask him into your heart?” I said, “you just pray and ask him to forgive you and come into your heart.” She looks at me and asks “did you do it?” I must have turned white as a ghost. I realized that I had never actually asked Jesus into my life. I couldn’t wait to get home. I wanted my mom to pray with me. I thought for sure I was gonna die before I got there and I would not be saved. I then got baptized on my 7th birthday a few weeks later.
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Carlos LLerena you have been a great inspiration to me Pastor ,God bless u 4 ever.
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Steve Hanlon Amazing stories God bless you all:)
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Cynthia Alicia Amezcua Meza Read pastor Bobby Amezcua book from the mud to the blood Amazing all Glory to God!!!!
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Patrick Muhia Wow… how true…
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Lois Nelson I grew up in a Christian home and accepted the Lord into my life at the summer youth camp.
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Lorraine Coe McGlone Forty years ago, my closest friend invited me to her church. I noticed right away the people there were different from the church I attended. The preaching was very different too. There was something there that they always talked about. “Jesus.” I was young and didn’t really understand. I continued to attend her church on and off with the permission from my parents. She then invited me to a special YOUTH get together and we went on the church bus to another church. It was there, I finally understood why Jesus died for me through the preaching that night. I asked the Lord to save me, and Praise the Lord for my salvation that evening!
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Kim Lane I was 13 living in Miami, Florida in 1970 during the days of school desegregation. I was to be bussed to an inner city school and my parents would have none of it. They put me in a Christian school. Jesus found me there
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Enrique Benites I came to know our LORD N SAViOR in last years crusade in 8 26 12
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Patty Nogle I came to the Lord on April 30, 1974 at Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa with Pastor Romaine…I had just gotten out of the hospital, almost died with bilateral pneumonia. Ten days later while at an afterglow service I had my first “vision”, I at the time did not know what it was, and later was told by the elders of Calvary that the Lord had given me this gift of visions/dreams. I studied under Pastor Chuck and Pastor Greg Laurie for the next 6 years until I relocated to Truckee, Ca. I now work for Jesus 24/7 sharing the gospel my visions/dreams with anyone who will listen…one thing Jesus is telling me is of His IMMINENT RETURN FOR THE BRIDE, AND MANY WILL BE LEFT BEHIND. JESUS HAS ASSURED ME THAT MANY SOULS WILL COME TO HIM AFTER WE ARE TAKEN OUT OF THE WAY. I PRAY FOR GREG LAURIE AND HARVEST MINISTRIES AND PASTOR CHUCK FOR HEALING ALL THE TIME. GOD BLESS YOU GREG AND YOUR WONDERFUL MINISTRY…SEE YOU IN DADDY’S HOUSE SAINTS…LOOK UP FOR HE IS COMING AND I WOULD SAY THIS YEAR…
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Jessica Bailey Yarno I was baptized and accepted Jesus at 7, but it wasn’t until 1 1/2yrs ago that the Lord radically healed me from molestation, rape, being born deaf, living in a drug home, watching horrible violence, becoming stripper, an alcoholic, drug addict , multiple attempted suicides… It is only by the grace of God that I am alive and well today. He has revealed his purpose for my life, and has shown me that he had a plan to use it all for it good. Our God is a redeemer, he is a healer. If he can heal me and restore me, he can heal anybody. I have no more shame or guilt, he has washed me white as snow.
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Melissa Oldenburg I was about 11 years old. We had been a catholic family, but didn’t go consistently. I didn’t like it when we did go. It was boring, and intimidating with all the rituals and things we had to memorize. My sister and my mom were invited by some new friends of theirs to Knott Avenue Christian Church in Buena Park, CA. When I went along too I was amazed at how lively and joyful the service was. We started attending regularly, and I went to the kids’ program on Wednesday nights, also. After hearing about how Jesus loved me so much He died so that I can be forgiven of my sins and go to heaven, I knew I believed in Him and I accepted him into my heart. I was baptized a short time later, on the same day as my mom. I wandered some during my teenage and early adult years, but rededicated myself to the Lord after my children were born.
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John Tiner Mine is not dramatic. I heard the Gospel from the age of 7. When I was 8, the Holy Spirit gripped me with conviction one day with a vivid realization that the lie I told my parents was a sin against a Holy God – and I was lost. I gave my tender heart to Him then and asked Him to forgive my sin. I felt the weight of the world lift from me and knew the joy of forgiveness. My relationship with Jesus began that day. He has been my comfort, best friend, teacher, example and mentor. I’m 50 years old now. I’ve never known what it feels like to be drunk, high on drugs, have sex outside my 32 year marriage… God saved me from all the sins I would have committed! 10 years ago He called me to Pastor some of His flock. I once felt badly that my testimony was not dramatic – but I’ve now come to be very thankful for the good path of my life thanks to Jesus. Now I just want others to love Him like I do.
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David Nelson The real drama is that we can be saved by grace….not how “bad” you were. We hear “saved by grace” so often, it can lose it’s impact in our heats, but in reality, it is an eternal, monumental radical, thing. Needs some meditative thought on this.
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Susan Sorian I first came to know Jesus from reading the Bible at 5 years old. (My brother bought it for me when we visited a Mormon church – we were being told stories about Jesus in their Sunday school class, and I asked for one) LOVED Jesus, cried everytime I read how they crucified Him. Knew I was going to heaven. Did not attend church until Jr. Hi, and the youth leader shared how God changed his life. Hearing that changed my view of God dramatically, and I wanted to live for Him. Still wasn’t attending church or in fellowship. In high school, began to walk the fence to “fit in”. Began partying. ( Would go to Calvary tent concerts on Sat night, then go party afterwards! then it became more frequent, routine) Still wasn’t fellowshipping or attending church. God convicted me in my bedroom one night with psalm 51 – I knew I was about to lose my Best Friend – He told me He couldn’t go down the road I was headed, and needed to choose… I repented, until 1 day I was extremely depressed and took whatever my friends offered me. I suddenly knew I was going to die. I Told God, “what have I done? I am so sorry!” I blacked out for a short time in restroom, and when I came to, was straight – and walked home. When I went back to my “friends” house the next week, the roommate told me they figured it out that I was given “enough drugs to kill an elephant.” Looked me in the eye and said, “You don’t belong here!” He was right! My Lord has never left me since, through joys of childbirth and other life events, and mostly thru the trials of life: alcoholic family & husband, divorce, deaths of friends and family, chronic illness, death of my pastor husband… and thru it all has given me unshakeable, undeniable, peace, joy, and purpose. He is Amazing and is still and always will be My Best Friend. I love Him! And He really loves me! Hallelujah!
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Lucy Miranda My conversion was nothing short of a miracle… witnessing a demon and angel engage in a battle at the foot of my bed then….POOF in a split second they were gone!!! I had been frozen up untll that time but sprang up sobbing and crying over and over again “God help me”!!! And He did just that, saved me, rescued me from the path to hell i was on and now uses me passionately to reach others. He is my King, Savior, Lord, Best Friend and i live relying on Him and am forever thankful. HALLELUJAH, may the redeemed say so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooo
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Janet Nash My Grandfather was a Baptist Minister, reading and memorizing Bible verses as a child, just being in that environment, I feel I’ve always loved and known God.
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Jonathan McDowell Aug 26 will be a year since surrendering to music ministry. Shared the gospel with several through evangelism and songs. Looking forward to what God has in store for this next year
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Adriana Alcantar Sandoval amen
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Dave Sucato I wrote my down 2 years ago ~ 70 type written pages. If you ever want me to e mail you a copy let me know.
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Ayebare Prudence it wasnt dramatic bt drastic like u was out of some one asking is u and God? and i realised nothing was going on between God and me though i thought i was a good person.i started desiring a relationship wth Jesus and it has been so worth it
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Rick McIntire Jr. Mine happened in 1993 – I was just a little over a year into my disability of lung disease, when I had a very serious respiratory attack in June of ’93 – had been using my rescue inhaler for most of the day and nothing was working – ended up in the then Franklin, Pa hospital and was drinking potassium mixed in orange juice cause i had sweated so profusedly my entire body was slowly shutting down – ended up in intensive care for 36 hours and it was only when the pastor of my church at that time had finally arrived that I knew GOD was gonna let me live and I was going to be ok – I told HIM that I was scared of dying and was asking HIM to let me live, and he did through the intercession of my pastor and Jesus Christ my Lord – I have since then had a few more respiratory attacks and also a couple of heart attacks, but GOD has seen me through each episode and I am always adament about thanking HIM for letting me live another day and to thank HIM for the doctors & nurses who have seen to my healthcare needs – THANK YOU LORD †
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Mary Kahl My story-
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Eliab Kintu I like that!!
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Mary Lou S. Holmes W O W! Now that’s what we ARE SAYING=D
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Sharon Allen I knew I was searching. Two dear friends continued to help me, talk to me, encourage me. Finally, I walked the aisle, one Sunday morning. It was a glorious day. I thought it could never be better. I was wrong. In the midst of a crisis, when I was way down, not even praying at that moment, sitting alone in the dark. I was depressed and dejected. And then a voice said, the sweetest voice I
ever heard, “I will never leave you.”. And He never has.
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John Sherman God called me to preach one day. “But I don’t know you. How can I preach you?” Shows how stupid my reasoning was. From that point on, I started searching Him out. Was there a real, living God after all? (Yep, stupid. If He called to me, then He’s real, living, and live. Duh!) A few days later, a friend used the expression, GD! I asked why He said that. He replied, “Why? There is no God.” “Yes there is.” I said. “I don’t know how, but I know God is real.” That was pivotal. I moved a few weeks later. At the new city, I started going to church every Sunday. After a few months, I spoke with the pastor who requested I be baptized. I wanted no part of that. I did my best to talk him out of it in vain. (I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, else I’d have mocked him and walked out.)

I was baptized and had no expectations except of getting wet. I went in me. I came out with an ear to ear smile filled with the Holy Spirit. I couldn’t stop hugging the man. An elder mopped the water up as I exited the thank. I yelled, No! That’s my sins being washed away. I need to mop up that water. He died for me. (something along those lines). Then I went into the bathroom to change. I dropped to me knees and began praying. Tears flowed.

Life hasn’t been the same since. I continue to mature in Him every day.
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Randy Ashley God came to me as I wept in despair from the loss of my brother, and best friend.
Through you and Chuck Smith Jr. The message was completed.

I gave my life to Christ at Cavary Costa Mesa following your sermon. I have never surrendered that relationship.
Everything that you, and Skip, Levi and Nathan Heitzig at Ocean Hills in San Juan Capistrano, Chuck Jr, K-wave, and Now under Peter Courson in Capistrano Beach Church, my life in Christ continues to grow.

Thanks, Greg; that you answered that call, and carried the message.

Grace and Mercy be multiplied to you
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Patricia Dunn Moore Amen! The sooner you come to salvation in Christ the sooner you can serve Him and your life will be a testimony for Christ not of the world.
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Barbara Shelton My mom and dad took me to church everytime the doors opened.
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Shelly Drylie Of course there’s more to the story…but about 8AM Sunday 10/23/2011 watching your video about knowing God. Life changing!
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Cheryl Phillips-June I was in a choir that was asked to sing at a youth revival, how awsome is that, back in 1966. the school couldn’t even do that today.
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Jerry Ruiz I was in prison and determin to change my life around I accepted Jesus Crist ever since my life has been wonderful, and I continue to have the same faith for over 25 years.
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Annmarie Morejon I was in high school and a wild child. A friend asked me if I wanted to go to an all night party. I said yes. It was a lock in at a church. (They really do lock you in.) : ) It was May 11th 1983. I wasn’t looking for Him but He found me. It will take eternity for me to express my gratitude.
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Laurel Lee I was fortunate to have been raised in a Christian home. While attending bible school at the age of ten, I asked Jesus into my heart. He’s been there ever sense!
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Cindy Flores as a child i always knew there was GOD, my dad and mom would fight so my sister and i would pray hard then they stopped fighting either parents went to church ,so cannot remember the first time but have gave my life to jesus in church! amen
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Susan David Fulton One of the greatest testimonies I have ever heard is from a man now in his late 40’s. He had not been through the “hoo haa”of the world because he had loved Jesus as a boy and kept his walk close to Jesus. He had never even gone out with a girl alone until he became engaged to his now wife and had never kissed ah girl until his wedding day. That is awesome especially when you come from my back round. This man had neverbeen self righteous, just humble and thankful.
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Rae Knight A family friend shared Jesus with me at my kitchen table in 1983.
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Renee Anderson I was about 14 and in Church, and the Pastor asked do any of you know who Jesus Christ is. I said to myself he is God’s only be-got-on Son. Then the Pastor said these words that I said to myself, and then said if any of you have said this I would like to talk to you after Church. I knew the minute when I said that to myself I felt different but could not understand. I did not talk to our Pastor, for if I did I would have to tell on me and his son for kissing in the car. This was my beginning when the Holy spirit came upon me seeing things but not understanding, my life has been a bump road with y’s in the road that lead no where, it has been turned up side down and twisted, finally at the end of my ropes thinking about taking my life, God intervened again with the help of a godly person, I trusted this person as God lead me and then more godly people helped I thank God and these certain people so much, satan had me feel like I was going crazy what a lier he is. I would have to look in my bible but it was in the year 2005 or 2006 I stepped into God’s word, what a blessing He was their, He always was there.
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Kristin Martin Laying on the beach with a girlfriend Newport Beach….. Two young guys came up with their bible and shared Jesus and the GOSPEL, 43 years ago!!!! For all I know it could have been you @greglaurie!!! I started going to Calvary Costa Mesa!! TY Jesus
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Terese Day I was away from God for years. My dog died; in my despair, I called out to God. Now, I never want to leave. People have to be ready…
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Brandy Perez Christian, born and raised baby. Not exciting but true.
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James Waaramaa mine is long
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Robert Kahaokamoku Gilbert It is a long story because there was a learning curve. the short story is mike mcintosh gave a alter call after sweet comfort band on the wednesday night service in jan 1979. whatever he was giving away, i was going to get it. i ended up in the wrong group afterwards i accepted Christ. There was the newby group and the street witnessing group. Friday, I was in the street.
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Kerry Etherington Growing up with two alcoholic parents life was tough food was in shortage & us five kids were constantly wondering whom our mother would bring home from the hotel when Dad was away in the Army. I never felt loved growing up but always knew in my heart God existed. By the time I was 21 I had 3 kids & in a violent relationship. .At age 28 some friends came to visit all the time I was overwhelmed with their kindness & love. This is what finally led me to commit my heart to Jesus at age 28. Hasnt been an easy road to walk but always God has been Faithful during my lifetime. Im now 57 & love Him more everyday.
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David Kim God is good all the time, all the time God is good! Ever since birth I was attending service because my father was a pastor. I was taught the bible at such a young age and had thought that automatically had a ticket to heaven. During my high school years I picked up some bad habits with substances. I was lukewarm for years. Ever since abusing substances I hated going to church but I was still attending church because my father was the head pastor of our church. The summer of my first year in college is when I first encountered the love of Christ. All these years I had the knowledge of the bible but had never truly had a one on one relationship with Christ. I repented and started my life fully devoted to Him. I now think of giving my all to Him and become a pastor myself. God bless~
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Tina Marie Yes this what testamony is. I went to a women’s retreat and some women gave testimonies. Broke my heart because not one stated how God delivered them or how they came to know Him. By the time we were done listening to how they drank slept eith many men balh blah blah, ect. I was disgusted. I asked the woman in charge of the retreat what was that all about. Her answer was obsurd. Then I realized they have no clue what a testimony really is.
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James Nusky am now at Calvary chapel Philadelphia
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Marsha Schuth Milanetto my grandmothers lap she told me all about Heaven when I told her my neighborhood friend told me everyone is going to die and I didnt want my daddy to die
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Veronica Canas I have always known the Lord, the Holy Spirit baptised me at 6 yr old. I.have been with.the Lord ever since. He is my rock and never lets me down. He convicts me when i need but always loves me. I dont know how to live with out God, and i dont want to find out Amen. My son n i were baptised together 3 yrs ago God is good.
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Sheryl Turner Far too long of a story….
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Debra Jo Clary Leisinger through alanon’s door
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Linda Sandoval I accepted Jesus as my Savior driving in So. Cal. on the 57 freeway with you, Greg, in the spring of 1989. I had been listening to Focus on the Family specifically; A New Beginning was the program that followed. Thank you, Lord!
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Denise A Lichtenberger a bit long but THE TRUTH…AMEN..d you are this……
Born pre mature…5 lbs 14 oz….
Chronic ECHO type 5 virus meningoencephalitis in X‐linked hypogammaglobulinemia
An ECHO (Enteric Cytopathic Human Orphan) virus, is a type of RNA virus that belongs to the species Enterovirus B, genus Enterovirus of the Picornaviridae family.[1] Echoviruses are found in the gastrointestinal tract (hence it being part of the enterovirus genus) and exposure to the virus causes other opportunistic infections and diseases.
Systemic disease
A systemic disease is one that affects a number of organs and tissues, or affects the body as a whole.[1] Although most medical conditions will eventually involve multiple organs in advanced stage (e.g. Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome), diseases where multiple organ involvement is at presentation[ambiguous] or in early stage are considered elsewhere.
Chronic fatigue syndrome
….deformed and physically limited.. DIED……abuse and chaos family…hate and anger and survival……… Demolition Derby Life….. Sports, Soccer, Softball, Gymnastics, Cheerleader. Assaulted and beaten….Controlled and contained…. and many many other wonderful life experiences… Down bike several times several levels of road rash… and ONLY JESUS KNOWS whats I destroyed… I Drowned DIED……. slit my wrists..LIVED…. Barely survived being a parent of 4 very special children…. didnt eat any of them… AMEN…… BACK damage that scares most Dr.s… They just want to cut me open…..or pill me to death..allergic to latex and many environmental stresses……………. Loss of Parent…. of friends and loved ones…some saved some???????? . Always Taken advantage of easily because I do MY BEST FOR ABBA….
I have many Health issues I pray NONE OF YOU EVER EXPERIENCE….. SUFFER……. ONLY JESUS KNOWS….. and seeing some people today and what they are concerned about … I HAVE TO LAUGH…. sorry in pity really not to be mean…. I am sorry for you….. I have no home I have no car I have no cell phone… and I know I am still RICHER THAN MANY…. You are my provision MY BLESSING……. may I BE A BLESSING AGAIN… [13] You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt lose its savour, wherewith shall it be salted? It is good for nothing any more but to be cast out, and to be trodden on by men. [14] You are the light of the world. A city seated on a mountain cannot be hid. [15] Neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but upon a candlestick, that it may shine to all that are in the house.
[16] So let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. [17] Do not think that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets. I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. [18] For amen I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot, or one tittle shall not pass of the law, till all be fulfilled. [19] He therefore that shall break one of these least commandments, and shall so teach men, shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven. But he that shall do and teach, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. [20] For I tell you, that unless your justice abound more than that of the scribes and Pharisees, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.In the resurrection…is it done???? WHen IS IT DONE…. Jesus.. ???????????
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Salpi Edgarian Please “YouTube Like” Emil to win this contest tonight.
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Jon Shepherd There it was. A door in”my” seven year old heart. I heard a knock. Heard there was this “Jesus” who wanted to come in and “sup”with me. I had few friends and I was glad to have a friend. That day forward,Back in 1974. I’m 47 now. I choose to serve Him and see Him in Heaven.
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Kelly Summers A woman told me that I was free from the strong hold of sin through Jesus Christ. I believed her.ߘʰߑƢ܌ߒӍy life has not stopped changing since that moment. As I started attending church again I would hear the alter call and then conclude that I did that before in my twenties. Wouldn’t it be redundant? Wouldn’t I be saying that what Christ did for me the first time was irrelevant? Wouldn’t it insult Christ? No! One Sundays alter call was different. I reluctantly went forward, almost as if I was being driven to do what my own will refused to do for so long, rededicated my vows to Christ. My relationship with Him transformed. Praise God for grace, time and 1000 fresh starts.
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Stephanie Calhoon “You know that your testimony is not your history, yeah? Your testimony is not what you were like before you got saved. That is your history. Your testimony is, “This is what God is like to me all the time.” So the brilliant thing is we are always updating our testimony. Every time you get a fresh revelation of Jesus, your ministry, your prophetic gift gets an upgrade. I love that thought!” Graham Cooke From SEASONED IN THE PROPHETIC
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Ken Slach Through hardship and listening to the love.
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Dan Barba I came through Larry Barba and Wendi potter Barba and Cheri and Gary jervis through to you when you helped me see through to Christ now I am a catholic proud of coming here from you, hope you read this you did change my life in 1989.
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Stand Firm My cuzin husband died in motorcycle accident n wanted to know where is I did soul searching wut happens after ur dead..n I found a judge n a savior…blessed be his name..
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Milly Peede My little boy, then 6 wanted to go to church with our neighbour, he would bring home little tracts, either hand written or typed, on strips of paper, which he insisted I keep by putting them on the fridge door. I did this, and thought, Hmm. Righteous, what does that mean. I don’t remember the tract, but I remember that word righteous./ righteousness. 2 years later I decided I wanted to find God. Jesus scared me a bit. I went off to Wales and Warwickshire, I stayed in hotels, and read the Gideons bibles. None of it made sense.
Then my marriage hit the rocks, my husband got my friend pregnant and left us, or should I say deserted us to be with her. I remember not being able to sleep, obviously for worry and fear. I went downstairs at 4 in the morning, made myself a cuppa, and shouted so loud to God. ” Don’t just sit there, DO SOMETHING!” I felt His presence. This was 12th October 1990. I was carried along the week, until I went to visit my sister, I was traumatised, unable to think clearly, I had a 5 year old, a 9 year old and a 13 year old. We were all frightened. After a very long time we all arrived at my youngest sister’s home.
I cried and cried. I felt scared and lonely, I just needed someone to take hold of me and hold me tight.

My sister gave me a little booklet, Journey into Life. I read one of the scriptures, Revelation … I stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come into him, and sup with him and he with Me.
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Peg Shelter I was about 42….I was raised Catholic but didn’t agree with alot of their beliefs…I just didn’t go to church much. I was invited by a neighbor to go to a Christian church she went to and I couldn’t believe how much I liked it. I felt like I was being taught from the bible.I was baptized in that church and went every Sunday. Then I moved and had a hard time finding another church I liked and fit into. I finally did and went on and off.My husband was dying and I was his caretaker. I was having a very hard time with it and turned to The Lord to help me. I gave it to him and he gave me the peace I needed to survive. I should’ve done it alot sooner but I felt I could do it on my own…I was wrong!I need the Lord in all things I do.I have since re devoted myself to Him and try to live my life the way He would want me too….
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