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July 16, 2013

When it comes to writing, one thing comes to mind. A blog is easier to write than a full length story. In the process of moving, I found a least six acco clipped sets, all stories I was working on, all the SAME story at different stopping points. It was not started with the same subject, but started and several changes later they were connected on the same subject but no other match, not even the pictures matched.

The whole of it is about six to seven inches thick. The question is can I pull a story out that mess? Probably, with effort less than doing a load of clothes from start to finish. Chores that need done sometimes are caused by situations we have no control over. The things that are controllable are easy to deal with, it’s the cruel treatment of others that I full believe need stopped. Like recently when I decided I did not want to treat others the way I am or have been treated based on lies heard.

I used to spend a flat two hours working on a story or have three or four going at the same time. If I got writers block with one I would work on the one that still had my creative juices flowing.

Some days I can write for hours and get no where and then start one and minutes later it be seven to ten pages or longer.  Those short stories were not found and only God knows exactly what there location is at this moment. I am seriously wondering what story will be completed first.

1) Three Rusty Nails and a Bitter Cup – last seen 1999.
  Three rusted square nails found in a old cemetery in California among tombstones belonging to infants and left a bitter taste in my mouth for the longest time.
2) Why I Am – last seen 2012
The story behind the facade of a fake contentment.
3) Jonah the wayward prophet
Those who go the opposite direction from God, thinking He will change His mind, or that He just making jokes.
4) Ruth, The lady who Ran Toward God – last seen 2000
5) This Is My Story – title done!  (Not much more) 2011
6) V8 and Mama- complete
7-12) Short Stories in abundance of different subject!



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