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Did You Heed the Memo?

June 10, 2013

Some people get the message and proceed, throwing caution to the wind and get buffeted with the storms of balkers causing high winds and serious debt.  Which game do you play.? The Lord’s servant or the devil’s advocate?

Our sermon today was about life change and about the call for each of us to share our story of life change with others. What was YOUR sermon about?

Cathy Rodgers: (me) Survived kidnapping, rape and attempted murder, tornadoes, hurricanes, flash flooding and earthquakes! God has plans for my life or I would have certainly died by now! The devil hates me, Jesus loves me, God protects me! »»

Karen D. Peck- Smith the ripple effect one decision, one small action by one insignificant person, on one unspecific day during any given minute, how that can change the course of history because it ripples out and affects other people and decisions. Unlike · Reply ·

Tammy Squires The fourth part to “Hearing the voice of God”…Prevail in Prayer….very good word from god today! Like · Reply ·

Greg Kell I spoke from 2 Kings 5 – story of Naaman being healed of leprosy and having apersonal encounter with the one true living God. Like · Reply ·

Stacey Sappah prayer Like · Reply · 18 minutes ago

Tammy Squires Darla dunn…that sounds like it was a thinker of a sermon…I wldnt mind hearing that one… Like · Reply · 14 minutes ago via mobile

Betty Cummings ”The Servant Leader”[ACTS 6:1-7]. Like · Reply ·

Tan-Cheong Ruth Community living: The earlier Chirstians shared everything they owned. They break bread and fellowship daily. It’s confirmation service and the Bishop was in to confirm the new members fellowed by holy communion. Like · Reply ·

Darla Dunn Are we walking by faith or just thinking we are by living a positive lifestyle. Like · Reply ·

Carroll Tatge Marxen Being faithful even in the “little” things. Like · Reply ·

Kam Reagan Service was about doing God’s without having to know or understand the why. Like · Reply ·

Donna Parrish Freeman The Holy Spirit! Working through Acts this summer! Like · Reply ·

Jennifer Cigainero We had Brian Houston from Hillsong was about God taking our ruins and making them glorious. It was awesome! Like · Reply ·

Shantell Gutierrez About being spiritually and financially balanced. Like · Reply · 2 minutes ago via mobile

Kay Posadas Forgiveness. Like · Reply · 5 minutes ago

Fiorella C Serrano Ours was an uplifting service we had our special contribution to help churches in Africa! Like · Reply · 8 minutes ago via mobile

Mary Pankey The Dysfunctional Family: Inlaws Like · Reply · 14 minutes ago

Barbara Kirkpatrick The Lord’s Day, from Revelation 1:10 Like · Reply · 16 minutes ago via mobile

Sherri Baker Repentance, faith, and commitment. Like · Reply · 17 minutes ago via mobile

Jessie McDaniel The prodigal son and how the grass isn’t greener on the other side Like · Reply · 18 minutes ago via mobile

Michele Brogdon-Mulhair Hope in Jesus Like · Reply · 19 minutes ago via mobile

Polly Jackson Ours is alife series for the summer. Part 3 today was increasing in knowledge of God. Like · Reply · 20 minutes ago via mobile

Tiffany Dionne Lovett Romans 3:4 .. “Let God be true and every man aliar…” Don’t believe the lie. A profound reminder to not be of this world but remember what God has said about his children, how we should live, love and abide in him. Like · Reply · 21 minutes ago via mobile

Shannon Roach Parable of the sower – Matthew 13 Like · Reply · 22 minutes ago via mobile

Cynthia Humphrey Sergent Listen to HIS voice and obey…. then you will have a personal encounter with GOD and you will never be the same. Like · Reply · 25 minutes ago

Chris Parker DeYoung That we all mess up….to lay it before God. Great sermon Like · Reply · 26 minutes ago via mobile

Abba’sgirl Parfait Felix What God wants for us: transform us; be gracious to us; for us to glorify Him. Like · Reply · 28 minutes ago via mobile

Annette Carter Martin James. The foundation of James is Grace & Faith. Grace from God and Faith in Jesus. James asks us to do things we CANNOT do on our own. Like · Reply · 32 minutes ago via mobile

Karen Veinot Trusting God and faithfulness and forgiving God. Based on the book Totally Forgiving God When It Seems He Has Betrayed You by R.T. Kendall. Like · Reply · 33 minutes ago

Kathleen Johnson Skalandunas started a new series on Sampson today…be who God created you to be, unique. Like · Reply · 33 minutes ago

Debi Zwick-Rowell That we all make mistakes but by Gods Grace we know we are loved, Like · Reply · 34 minutes ago

Scott Mendicino Similar…Sharing your story with others. Like · Reply · 35 minutes ago via mobile

Alice Pryor Ours was about being the clay in the potters hands. God can forgive us of our sin. He can take the imperfections and make us anew! Like · Reply · 36 minutes ago via mobile

Cheryl O’Leary Dembinski IS jesus your all Like · Reply · 38 minutes ago

Heather Anne Hendricksen The same! It was an amazing sermon, and the worship was Spirit-filled! Like · Reply · 38 minutes ago

Faith Hope Grace About righteousness And to learn to give others and ourselves Like · Reply · 39 minutes ago via mobile

Yvonne Marie Artechi About we are Gods workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works. Like · Reply · 25 minutes ago via mobile

JanHarper About giving our lives to God and trusting him to use the bad things in our lives to further the gospel and change our lives for the better. Like · Reply ·

Danielle Kleber My Source of Strength Like · Reply · 16 minutes ago via mobile

Dana McClelland Grace….Jesus did it ALL at the cross. We don’t have to worry about doing good works because we are Holy, We are free! Free from fear, shame & condemnation. Like · Reply · 37 minutes ago via mobile

Focus Verse of the Week

Then the angel said to me, “Write: ‘Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!’ ” And he added, “These are the true words of God.” (Revelation 19:9)

Classic Commentary

The ones who are blessed are not the ones who were invited, but refused to come. It is the ones who were called according to God’s election and predestination. They are the ones who are not only invited, but accept the invitation and turn to faith in Christ. Jesus indicated that although many would be called to the marriage feast, few were chosen (Matthew 22:14). Only the chosen ones come to faith in Christ and actually attend the feast. This includes the saints of all ages who will sit down and eat with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

(Adapted from a testimony of jesus christ: a commentary on the book of revelation)

A Thought to Keep

Do you look forward to this day? The invitation is waiting.

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