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Things I learned so far this Month – June

June 3, 2013


Descendent of Balaam’ s Donkey!©

1. When you see the little dot in the middle of a device it means that I can take a picture of myself or a video!

2. Just because you living alone, doesn’t mean you are alone. There are intruders of many kinds! Fleas left by the pet of a person who previously lived  with you.

3. When things disappear overnight while living alone, you are the only one who did it!

4. When some people visit, keep a eye on them because they may take something you are needing to use worse! Tables, hand truck, garage door openers…

5. Some old things should really not be kept. PEOPLE AND VALUABLE ITEMS NOT INCLUDED.

6. NEVER: Demand a Christian to get out of their home…”No cooking- means the stove becomes UN cleanable, no – showering- means the tub and tile grouse becomes disgusting! And too expensive to repair or replace! Flea infestation for putting a cat in the home after God said NO!

7. Never interfere in the plans of the Almighty God for anyone!

8. Never give in to crooks or liars

9. If you value something, never let someone insult your taste or preference in products especially if it is something the Lord wanted purchased for something He said do.

10. Do what you have to do to protect the private ownership of someone else! Do what you have to do to get return to them even if it means stashing it and forgetting which Box or bag it landed in. I would almost guess my mind went blank when trying to remember what was were. If I had been there, a small idea might have been found. (Was that in the first load or fourth …)



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