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DATE TIPS: from Marriage Today and Gary Smalley from my Facebook page!

April 27, 2013

“Talk It Out | Honestly evaluate your friendships and speak up about any concerns you have. If you identify that some of your friendships aren’t healthy for your marriage, make a commitment to seek out the kind of friends who share your values.

Walk It Out | Invite another couple over for dinner or go out to a movie together. Spend time cultivating friendships that have a positive effect on your marriage.”

There is something I need to put here concerning the above comment and suggestions. I live in a similar situation, a divorced person playing the same game of destruction and I have prayed that the situation would change and that those causing Paul and I problems of this nature would be removed from the whole situation, to where they can not stop our relationship from getting restored! All means all.

The second is something from another wordpress site thought they could help me run my site. When I e-mailed and asked what she had in mind I got it back “undeliverable” to said address! Not one word from her since. Must have been a bad idea, bad company. Be careful who you let in your home, relationships or social life. I care.

From Facebook- Marriage Today(Jimmy and Karen Evans) and Gary Smalley posts that I had been collecting them on my page and decided they needed to be posted here too (more here, than there though). If even one person benefits from these it will be worth all the effort put it here. GOD BLESS.


Based on the seasonal Super bowl here is a Challenge!

Romance Tip: Make the Super Bowl more interesting. However many points your team scores, that’s how many seconds you have to kiss when the game ends.

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Kathleen: Or you could kiss each time your team scores! Sure makes team rivalry a lot more interesting. Like · 3

Ryan King How about doubling that time. Unlike · 3(me)

Tom Noggler What about half time ? We don’t watch half time festivities anyway !! Like

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Toni Lowrance Huddleston I like that idea!!!

Ayodeji Jaiyesimi Its nice!

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Cathy Rodgers Proverbs 15:23 (MSG) Congenial conversation—what a pleasure! The right word at the right time—beautiful! Plant one! Double dare him to plant one!



#1. Date Night: Combine volunteer service with romance. Serve in a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter, then dine out together.

#2. When was the last time you complimented your husband or wife in front of friends? Do it often.

#3. Are you and your spouse watching the Olympics together? What are your favorite events? What are your spouse’s? CATHY : Track, most of it…

#4. Date Night: Make each others meal, then go on a picnic.

#5. The next time you hug, whisper “I love you” in his or her ear.

*#6. BIBLE NIGHTLY: Find a book of the Bible or Bible Study to do together!

#7. What strengths do you bring to your marriage? Budget and menu pre-planning!

#8. What strengths does your spouse bring? Compassion

#9. When was the last time you danced with your spouse (2B? in a dream months ago) ?

#10. When was the last time you dressed up together for a night on the town? Do that for your next date night!

#11. Every word we say comes with an attitude attached to it. What attitude is behind your words?

#12. Stay-at-home date night: Order in, spread out a blanket, light some candles, and enjoy a living-room or backyard picnic.

#13. Finish this sentence: Today I’m loving my spouse 2b (PAUL ONLY!) because… I WANT TO.

#14. MarriageToday Not everyone can splurge for a fancy date night. What are your favorite inexpensive date night ideas? Please share! A: Pizza ($10.00) Movie (free) Walk around the block! Or instead of a movie Bible study and invite another Christian couple!

#15. This week, plan to give your spouse at least one romantic surprise gift (big or small).

#16. What’s something fun you could plan to do with your spouse this week? And if you’re not married, what are some fun ideas you can do with your future spouse? Share in the comments below!

#17. Dual-Design Date Night: One of you picks a place for dinner. The other picks an activity (dancing, movie, long walk, etc.). And no complaining about the choice!

#18. Surrender yourself to your spouse. Quit focusing on your own selfish desires. Learn his/her needs and work on meeting them.

#19. Pay attention to your own faults and transgressions, instead of your spouse’s. That’s the Holy Spirit’s job—not yours.

#20. What’s one positive marriage trait you learned from your parents? Till d did they part!

#21. Temps are starting to cool. Might fall be around the corner? What are your favorite fall season date-night ideas? Talk & walk (patio) . A : Nice evening talk on the back patio or walk around the block then talk out on the back patio…

#22. When you go away together for a weekend, the place doesn’t have to be expensive. Just quiet, isolated, and romantic. AMEN!

#23. Which would you prefer: a romantic walk by the seashore or a hike in the mountains? Which ever he wants!

#24. Cuddling under a blanket in the bleachers during a fall football game? Or cuddling on the couch while watching football on TV?


#25. True love doesn’t wane with time or diminish with age. It isn’t based on performance or tied to emotion. It’s carved in stone. AMEN.

# 26. Date Afternon: On a Sunday afternoon, take a walk around new construction where you live. View the open houses. Discuss your dreams for the future.

#27. Mail your spouse a “thank you” card to his/her place of business. Inside, list the many things you’re thankful for. GONNA BE FUN!

In your opinion, what’s the most romantic thing about fall? Cuddling with Paul !

#28. Whisper something in his or her ear. In public. Bonus points if it makes your spouse blush. (That won’t be hard!)

# 29. Date Night: When was the last time you flew a kite together? Pick one up after dinner and head to the park. YES!

# 30. Today’s Awesome Marriage Booster: Have a candle light dinner together this weekend.

# 31. Imagine you and your spouse have a full day to spend together, and money isn’t an issue. Where do you go and what do you do?

# 32. Date Night: Dinner and a movie at home, then feed each other strawberries for dessert. (Get ’em while they’re still in season!) 9/19/2012

# 33. Romance Tip: Praise your spouse in front of someone else this weekend.

# 34. How often do you kiss or hug in front of your kids? Do you prefer to let them see you showing healthy romantic love…or keep it private? -# 35. Q&A: Restoring Trust

Q: What are some ways to restore trust after an affair?

A: First of all, there has to be a clear-cut break from the adulterous relationship. Then, what rebuilds trust is that the person who has been involved in the affair says to their spouse,

“No more deceit…You can check my email any time you like. If I’m going over to George’s house to help him work on his car, you can call over there to make sure I’m there. I want you to know that from here on out, you can trust me.”

If you take that approach and allow your spouse to do those things, over time trust will grow. You see trust is broken because we are unreliable and when we become reliable and trustworthy, then trust can be reborn.(Gary Chapman -5LoveLanguages).

#36. Date Night: Plan and prepare a special, candlelit meal for your husband or wife. His turn this week. Her turn next week…

#37. Pick out a romantic card and write a love note in it. Mail it to your spouse’s workplace (or even to your own house). Sounds like fun!

#38. If you enjoy the tips, teaching, and videos on our page, why not share it today with a friend on Facebook(and here!)? Thank you!

#39. When it comes to marriage, if the grass looks greener on the other side, maybe it’s time to water your own yard.

#40. Are you the first person to “let go” from a hug? Or is it your spouse? Today’s goal: be the last to end the hug.

#41. When did you first realize you were in love with your spouse 2b? The second the Lord said “Go”! I went, he walked in the doorway and I flirted with him! Lord was in on it from the beginning. Seven days later the Lord told me to “Marry Paul, the one you flirted with.” August 20, 1999 @ 9:03 a.m. Still bent on it! (GOD haters interfering).

#42. Don’t bury your conflicts. Peace & unity only arrive after you discuss them, compromise, and come to an agreement.

#43. Progressive dinner date night: appetizers at one restaurant, the meal at another, then one more stop for dessert or coffee. (Sounds fun!).

#44. You and your spouse get to spend an ideal day alone together. Describe it. (Yea, right!

#45. No discussion topic should be off-limits between spouses. You must promise each other a reasonable discussion of any conflict.

#46. JoAnn Roland:(facebook comments) Positive conflict resolution is an absolute must to maintain peace & respect of any relationship! 46b. Melissa Walser (“fc^”)And discuss like adults is the key! So glad we can discuss anything and not yell! Very important…

#47. Have you told your spouse “I love you” today? If not, do it now. Text, email, call, hire a barbershop quartet.

Rick Warren RickWarren Stop listening for a voice and start looking for a verse. He’s already spoken.

Brian Houston BrianCHouston You are never quite “ready” to step into God’s will. That’s what adds faith, excitement, and adventure to the journey!

Rich Stearns RichStearns Jesus gave his disciples a mission. They could accept w/ all its consequences or walk away. They chose obedience. They changed the world.

#48. “To have and to hold…’til death do us part” is a staggering commitment. Marriage is the ultimate pledge of sacrifice and submission.

#49. Date Night: Sign up for a gourmet cooking class together. Each class makes for an excellent date. (So does the homework.)

#50. In marriage, we empty ourselves on behalf of our spouse. We say, “I give myself to you completely, without reserve or hesitation.”

* #51. What piece of marriage advice have you been trying to follow lately? What has been the outcome?

Chuck Early: Don’t marry a jerk… 2 hours ago · Like · 7

Ashley Nicole Wheeler Stick to my role in marriage and don’t try to change my spouse! 2 hours ago · Like · 13

Jasonand Lindsey Acker Communicate no matter what! 2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 11

Marni Arnold Don’t *not* be intimate with your spouse. Find a way to connect like this! 2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1

Lindsay Powell Being submissive! In making myself completely open and vulnerable to him he has become more protective of me. 2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 5

Alisha M Kerr Letting the little things go and its working out great. None of the nonsense arguing over little things that turn into big arguments . 2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 7

Delaine Teabout Thomas Lots of sex is great for you both. *nodding* 2 hours ago · Like · 6

Melissa Craker Communication is key!! Always communicate no matter what 2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2

Penelope Louise Harvey-Livingston compromise and active listening…it’s been pretty good so far 2 hours ago · Like · 3

Sarah Brown At least one 15 second kiss a day and bedtime doesn’t count. The outcome has been some silly joking moments and some sweet memories. 2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 3

Teresa Ann Kamar Stay positive and ALWAYS look at the cup half full instead of half empty. Stressing about things solves absolutely nothing! 2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 6

Ronni Richards Ward praying more together and also just hanging out more 2 hours ago · Like · 7

Kizzy Maloni If it’s not a covenant, it’s not a marriage. 2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 3

Heart of the Home When my husband and I remarried 8 yrs ago..we lived by this… Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.. We were married 19 yrs before we divorced and had had the same fights and arguements and handled them the same way in the past.. when God put our marriage back together we knew to go back into those same habits again would surely cause the same results as before.. and we are getting ready to celebrate our 28th anniversary soon.. 2 hours ago · Like · 6

Crystal Collier Waiting for him to get it together and communicate with me. But he is’nt and he is living his life however & wherever he wants to, and I’m left behind : /2 hours ago · Like

Ann Porter “Love regardless of reciprocation.” – BEAUTIFUL outcome. -today is our 16th anniversary. 2 hours ago · Edited · Like · 7

Janet Luis Communication, which is alot better & let him take the “reigns” bc I like to make all of the decisions w/o him when it should be together. Our relationship/marriage/parenting has gone a long ways & I’m very happy for that & him. 2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2

Amy Thayer Really forgiving and counting our blessings -because they are abundant even on the less than great days!! It’s made this a sweet time in our marriage 2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 3

Kory Ingole The single most influential piece of marriage advice I’ve ever received is to remember that love is a choice, not a feeling. Feelings may result from loving someone or from them loving you but that’s not all it is. Choose to love your spouse, no matter what. 2 hours ago · Like · 7

Carol Renfro Putting God first always and accepting and embracing our differences 2 hours ago · Like · 3

Donnaandskip Neiman: Can u please pray for me and my husband PLEASE PRAY WARRIORS we lost our home so we moved , i submitted change for him. He is lack of intimacy, angry and yelling at me calling me names and u.even gave up my job to move here cuz we only have one vehicle i had the house cleaned dinner and everything perfect he didnt even care and we will be married 4 yrs jan 24 and i feel sometimes i should give up! PLEASE PRAY FOR US HIS REAL NAME IS ELLARD WHICH MEANS WARRIOR OF GOD! 2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2

Tiffany Benyacko: Responding instead of reacting, applying this to all areas of life, working very well. My husband is very positive and calm, he has taught me a lot. 2 hours ago · Like · 3

Donnaandskip Neiman I feel like im out of love cuz of all the angry and mean things he says my love is dead and sorry is old when it happens over and over PLEASE I LOVE GOD FIRST IN MY LIFE AND I CANT EVEN BE NEAR HIM IT JUST HURTS 2 hours ago via mobile · Like

Allison Ball Be loving even when you don’t feel loving. Excellent outcome! Love is a choice not a feeling. Although, it does make you feel good to both send and receive love. 2 hours ago · Like · 4

Shelly Davis Greninger Exactly Allison! I was told to love Even when I don’t really feel like it or they are not really deserving of it and found that it will make them more loving to I and then you will really feel that way. And to pray for God to change YOU not them. I know it’s hard when you think it’s all their fault but it sure has improved out marriage:) 2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 5

Kimberly Sanchez To practice compassion and sacrificial generosity and kindness. The outcome: greater intimacy, emotionally and physically. about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 1

Jacklyn Richard-Alaksin Making forgiveness not something i do, but a lifestyle & taking every thought captive. Has helped me to quickly forgive, & when i focus on the positive , i forget what i was angry about & i am free to love . about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 1

Terence T. Taylor Dont move near your wifes family. She will change in a negative way, allow them to act rude toward you and will not protect you against them. Move far away from them! about an hour ago via mobile · Like

April Colone Patience with my spouse and to keep the intimacy and communication level high. My husband and i also begin our mornings with prayer because GOD’s word says 1 can chase 1000 and two can put 10,000 to flight. The Devil can’t use his disciples to bother us because we are one. about an hour ago · Like

Teresa Ford-sellars If there’s a problem give it to God, stay in prayer, forgive , and you will be victorious!!!! about an hour ago via mobile · Like

Bo Brown Idk. I need some my wife has been harping on me for the same exact things she does to me, and I don’t know how much more I can take. I love her more than life itself. Someone message me plz!!! about an hour ago via mobile · Like

Barbara Davis Pickens: Be sensitive to his needs..He is loving it about an hour ago · Like

Kathy Grayczyk Love is: 1 Cor. 13. Not necessarily a feeling. Letting go, love him where he is at. about an hour ago · Like · 1

Alison Ruppe put your spouses needs before your own! who doesn’t want to love someone who is taking care of them! about an hour ago · Like · 1

Jim Rouse Thru thick and thin, thru sickness and health.Taking care of the one I love ! about an hour ago · Like

Christina Abbott Men need respect more than love (& I’m extremely loving). I work on showing respect to my husband daily, regardless of what is going on or how I feel. It has truely made a huge difference on our relationship, and we have never gotten along as well as we do now! 53 minutes ago · Like

Lizette Rodriguez-Sanchez Communicate.. Express how you feel… Its been hard for me to do so BUT im getting there little by little… Communication is KEY to a happy and healthy marriage!

Carla Kanupp: I have been challenging myself to reflect on the innumerable blessings in my marriage. Instead of just praying over the challenges in our marriage, I have been praising God for all the good. Instead of saying ‘Our marriage is amazing despite it’s flaws.’ I simply say ‘Our marriage is amazing.’ Period. And, of course, my perspective changes with a changed focus. 28 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Kristian Hannon: Quit complaining! My husband likes it 22 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Cathy Rodgers: Complements go farther than insults. Encourage a spouse or spouse2b (like me). Give them a reason to always want to come home. Because some make you wish they wouldn’t. That is just wrong!

#52. Sex is a sacred and binding sign of the covenantal promise of marriage. When we engage in sex, we reestablish our commitment to each other

* I hear tell that it is additive!

#53. Don’t Forget the Most Important Words of All

Imagine coming home to discover that your spouse has sent the kids to their grandparents and a special dinner for two awaits you. There’s candlelight and soft music playing, and your spouse has dressed in your favorite outfit. Would you respond by saying, “Again? Do we have to have another romantic dinner and kiss and stuff? Okay, whatever . . .” (“NO way would I do that to God or Paul!”)That would be pretty insulting, wouldn’t it? I wonder if God feels that way when we regard his Word so dispassionately. (Fresh Air-Bible and book).

#54. Next time you borrow his/her usual car, take it to the car wash. Vacuum it. Fill the tank. Keep it secret.

#55. The two of you get to take a vacation together, anywhere, without kids. Where would you go?

MOUNTAINS: Just far enough troublesome people can not reach us! (Cell use for emergency only!) .

#56. If you find yourself constantly dwelling on your spouse’s(2B) failures, then stop to make a list of his/her best qualities. A-Z DID somewhere …

#57. Date Night: Stay at home and play “Board Games Back Rub.” Whoever wins the most games gets a massage from the loser.

#58. After work, always greet your spouse with a hug and a kiss. Even in front of the kids. (ESPECIALLY in front of the kids.)

#59. How often do you and your spouse pray together—just the two of you?

#60. Any husband or wife wants to know their spouse is tuned in to their needs and concerns. Be present. Listen.

#61. Date Night: The sun sets pretty early in the evening these days. Before or after dinner, head outside of town to watch it set together. As soon as it’s entirely gone, kiss.

#62. Start a tradition and stick to it: A kiss every night. A lunch date every week. An overnight trip every month.(!)

#63. When you both live for a greater purpose than yourselves, it creates unity and inspiration in your marriage.

#64. Just a little survey: How many bridesmaids/groomsmen did you have in your wedding? (One/One when it happens).

#65. Date Night: When was the last time you laughed with your spouse? If you can’t remember, go rent a comedy and watch it together.

#67. When was the last time you and your spouse danced with each other?

#68. Wives, which gift would you prefer from your husband: a dozen of your favorite flowers or a gift card to your favorite store? Yellow roses!

#69. What’s one thing you’ve learned to appreciate about your spouse that you didn’t know when you first got married? To be continued once that way… compassionate …

#70. Why do married couples always do that quick peck-on-the-cheek thing on the way out the door? Next time, plant a big one on your spouse.YES!

* #72. Husbands: You know that chore she’s been asking you to do which you haven’t done yet? Do it this weekend.

#73. Have respect for marriage. Always be faithful to your partner, because God will punish anyone who is immoral or unfaithful in marriage. —Hebrews 13:4 (CEV)

#74. Question to ask each other during your next Date Night: What makes you feel happiest or most fulfilled?

#75. Question to ask each other during your next Date Night: Where do you hope to be five years from now (career, family, personally)?{ Living in A. Career: OKC, OK. Adoption in progress? Happier, healthier, and doing what God wants done to the best of my ability! BCR}

#76. Describe your marriage 2 be in six words. (Example: Always faithful, always challenging, deeply loving.)

#77. “A man who sacrifices for his wife and serves her becomes much more attractive to her.” —Jimmy Evans

#78. Bring home pizza, sit on the floor, and watch your wedding video. Relive the magic without the stress.

#79. Question to ask each other during your next Date Night: What’s one question you’ve been wanting to ask me but haven’t? (Then answer it).

#80. Wives, tell your husband how much you admire him. Don’t let your respect for him go unstated. MR. GUTSY! WORTH EVERYTHING TO ME!

#81. Romance takes time and effort. It is as much discipline as it is emotion. (Jimmy Evans).

#82. The foundation of romance is kindness and thoughtfulness, expressed without prompt on a daily basis.

#83. Date Night: Instead of getting each other Christmas gifts this year, save the money for a trip together. Spend an evening planning it.

#84. Idea: Make a list of ten things you love about your spouse 2b. Roll it up, tie it with a bow, and slip it into his or her stocking. 1-10 Everything!

#85. Put the kids to bed, turn off the room lights, turn ON the Christmas tree lights, and cuddle on the couch together. Oh, Yes!

#86. It’s not the most environmentally sound practice, but you know who loves a warm car in the morning? Your spouse.

#87. What’s one personal change you can make this year that will improve your marriage in 2013?

Lifelong Love Affair and Mountaintop Marriage Retreat book study in progress..KF!

#88. Where do you want your marriage to be midway through 2013? What steps will you take today to make that vision a reality?

#89. Next time you have to travel on business, write your spouse a card/note for each day you’re away.

#90. “When romance is alive and well in a marriage, the door of temptation gets slammed shut.” —Jimmy Evans

#91. Are there any thoughts or emotions you find yourself reluctant to share with your spouse? Why?

Until this era ends, it is not safe! That said, of course I do. I will talk to Paul about it when we can discuss it without outside interference!

#92.Next time you’re about to do that quick-peck thing before heading to work, lean in and make it a REAL kiss. YES!

#93. Your kids are learning about marriage by watching YOU. Every day. What are you teaching them?

#94. Wives: For Valentine’s Day, would you rather receive flowers, chocolate, or something else?

#95. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Do you see it as a romantic day? Or do you prefer romance when it’s not “required”?

#96. In your marriage, which of you needs to be reminded what day it is tomorrow?

#97. In a relationship, negotiation is enhanced when you make requests and not demands.

#98. SEEK GOD, FIGHT FAIR, HAVE FUN, STAY PURE AND DON’T GIVE UP! Worth getting? Worth fighting for?

#99. Walk It Out | This week, come up with a creative way to go on an inexpensive date. Instead of dinner and a movie, take sandwiches to the park, browse a free museum, or visit a local attraction. Think of other ways you can save money toward achieving your financial goals, without sacrificing your time together.

#100…When wrong admit it, When he asks a favor, go out of you way! All of these were done and collected for someone I dearly love, Paul will see these Lord willing and know how much homework goes into my marrying him!


#100+1. Relationships deteriorate without romance. Don’t underestimate it. Definitely extend it beyond Valentine’s Day! Give it and take it.

#102. MarriageToday Date Night: Head out to dinner, but each of you prepare a list of five questions to ask the other. Dine and discuss.

#103. Idea: Pick out a book you’ll both enjoy and spend every night for the next couple weeks reading to each other aloud. – That includes a book of the Bible!

#104. Romance is asking “What can I do to bring a surprise and a delight into your life that you don’t expect?”—Karen Evans

Pecan pie, midweek!

#105. Date Night: Plan ahead. Purchase several restaurant gift cards. Choose one without looking for a meal at a surprise location. 1-7 One holds, the other choses…

#106. MarriageToday: Don’t forget to hold her (his) hand next time you’re walking someplace together.

#107. What’s the silliest fight you and your spouse have ever had? What would you do now to avoid it?

#108. A pediatrician asked a new mom when she and her husband were going to have a date that week. The doctor said, “I’m serious. Unless you agree to have a weekly date, you can find another pediatrician. Your child is more likely to thrive if your marriage is strong.”

#109. Romance Tip: When was the last time you wrote a love note and left it in his wallet? Or her purse?

#110. The best way to add more romance to your marriage is to start acting romantic. Don’t wait for your spouse to catch up. Just do it!

#111. Cook him a meal Plan a delicious dinner for him on an ordinary night and call him over as a matter of course. Make it a full-blown romantic affair with candles, flowers and soft music. Your boyfriend will be surprised by the lovely dinner and pleased that you have made the effort for him. However, don’t attempt something that you can’t carry off smoothly, as it will not serve the purpose if you get hassled and exhausted. Let there be only one main course, if you wish, but make sure you both have a good time during and after the dinner.

Send him flowers at work

Let your boyfriend start off for his workplace, without any hint of what is coming up. And then around mid-day, have the biggest bunch of his favourite flowers delivered to him at his office. He is sure to be pleasantly surprised and loudly cheered by his co-workers.

Get tickets to his favourite game

So you can’t bear the thought of your boyfriend spending time with his mates at a ballgame, while you think up nicer things to do together at home! Just this once, let things go his way and surprise him with two tickets to the game that you know he has been dying to catch. What’s more, zap your guy by happily agreeing to go with him and have a good time.

Ask his parents over

Choose an ordinary weekend to invite his parents, or any other cherished members of his family, to your home. Make them feel really welcome and cook them a nice hot lunch. Your boyfriend will be surprised at finding his family at your place and enjoying the weekend. But more than that, he will greatly appreciate your gesture, which shows respect for his family.

Welcome him at the door

Put on your favorite evening dress and get ready to welcome him, with a glass of champagne in your hand as he returns home after work. Wait for the doorbell to ring and when you are sure he is alone, open the door and say something romantic. He is sure to wonder for a moment if he is at the right house!

Surprise him with a gift

Buy something that he may have once mentioned that he would like to have. It may be something as simple as a new camera or a favorite book. Or, it may be something special, like a set of custom-made golf clubs or a classy watch. Whatever your budget, just make sure that it would mean a lot to your boyfriend to possess that item.

Change your appearance

Decide to meet him on a date. But before you do so, visit your hairstylist and go for a radically different hairstyle. Complete the makeover with clothes and accessories that you have never tried before. This is not to say that you need to make a spectacle of yourself, only that you could give your boyfriend a huge surprise, by turning up with a completely new look.

Write a love poem for him

Put down your emotions in a romantic poem for your boyfriend. He will be surprised and touched to receive a message that you have composed yourself. Don’t worry if the poem doesn’t rhyme – it should just be romantic and sincere.

Throw a surprise party

Invite your boyfriend’s best pals, without his knowing, and make arrangements for a party. It would be ideal if you could choose to do this on his birthday, in which case, don’t wish him the whole day and act as though you have forgotten his special day. Otherwise, any other day would do just as well, to surprise him with a party. Make sure that his favourite music is on and the dishes are ones that he loves best. Wait till he reaches the door, then turn out the lights and hide all the guests. As soon as your boyfriend enters, switch on the lights and yell, “Surprise”.

Now, you know that one of the best ways to spice up your love life would be to spring a nice surprise on your boyfriend. Not only will he love what you have to offer, but the element of fun and something unexpected, will jolt your relationship out of the daily routine and help the two of you to rediscover your love for each other. So, the next time you wonder how things came to get so monotonous between you two, take the first step and surprise your boyfriend with something fun or interesting to do. Watch how his eyes light up in pleasure and laughter and believe me, your love will be the healthier for it.

#112. 1. A husband who loves,and respects me as a person. 2. Not an option to divorce 3. Taller – to look up to him 4. True believer in Jesus Christ 5. Law abiding citizen 6. Single- but divorced or widowed as long as, he is available when told to by The Lord God to marry me. 7. Willing to do what is necessary to help me out. 8. Healthy physically, mentally, spiritually and legally innocent of criminal conduct as I am. 9. Lovable, onery and fun to be around. 10. Age difference close, but not too old or too young by 1-2 years: God I will the remaining detail to You.

#113. Date night: Walk to the nearest ice cream place. Share a banana split. Walk home. Hold hands.

#114. Text this to your spouse: “One of the things I like best about you is _________. Just wanted you to know. I love you!”

#115. Date Night Question: At what times do I make you feel most loved?

#116. Guys, bring home a single flower tonight. Only one rule: it can’t be a rose.

#117. Date Night: Is there a cornfield maze near you? Make a date of it. Rule: You must kiss each time you hit a dead end.

#118 . 2014 Marriage Resolution idea: Read at least two good marriage-improvement books together this year.

#119. Are you and your spouse watching the BCS championship game tonight? Our rule: Kiss every time a team scores (regardless of the team).

#120. Question to ask for your next date night: “What are your deepest anxieties and what can I do to help?”

#121. Question to ask on your next date night: What are three places in the U.S. you’d like us to visit together some day?

#122. Date Night: Set a time and place for a picnic. Arrive separately. Each of you prepare and bring food for the other. ONE Pecan pie coming up! +

#123. Lest I forget, Paul it’s you I love for always and forever.

Tonight, before you go to bed, talk with each other. Share about your day. Be honest and open. Talk more than usual…about anything. You’ll be glad you did.

Marriage Builder: The Purpose for Your Marriage May 19, 2014 at 10:17am When I talk to couples about marriage, I often ask them a couple of questions. The first is Did God put you together? Almost every couple says yes. Then I ask them Why did God put you together? Typically, they return a blank stare. Karen and I were like that. We believed God put us together and made us for each other. But we didn’t know why.

I believe understanding God’s purpose for your marriage is vital to a successful, fulfilling relationship. Here are a few facts you should know:

1. You will not be the same in five years—as individuals and as a couple. You may be better or worse, but you won’t be the same. Think of the couples you know whose lives have imploded over the past five years, or who have experienced the greatest years of their lives. People change.

2. Success happens on purpose and never by accident. You won’t wake up five years from now and say, “Honey, we never talk or spend time together, and we never work at it, but isn’t our marriage fabulous?” That’s not how it works.

3. In marriage, success only happens if you’re both in agreement and committed to the same purpose. There are two of you. Amos 3:3 asks “Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” The answer, of course, is NO. You can’t walk together if you don’t first agree. Marriage is the longest journey you’ll take in life, but are you and your spouse walking in agreement? Do you know why God put you together? Do you know the purpose for your marriage? Those are big questions, which leads us to…

4. To find the purpose for your marriage, you have to start with the big questions. A few years ago, there was a national, secular poll that asked people what they would ask God if they could ask Him just one question. The number-one response was Why am I here? We want and need to know our purpose. In Matthew 22, Jesus gives us the answer: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'” (Matt. 22:37–39)

The answer to our questions of purpose is love. That’s life’s universal purpose. When we ask God why we are here, His answer to us is “Relationship. You’re here for a relationship with me and with each other.” Relationships are why we exist, but the devil is the enemy of relationships. A strong marriage is a threat to Him. He is always trying to divide us, trying to get us to substitute things for our children, for our marriage, for God, for the things that matter. He wants us to chase after things that won’t last. That’s what happened with Adam and Eve. The devil separated them from God, separated them from each other, and convinced them that something would make them more happy than someone. Separation and substitution: those are his methods, and they never change. Don’t let those methods take hold in your marriage. Work at it. Pursue God’s plan for your lives together. That plan is to love Him and love people, especially your family. We are created for God and for relationships. That’s our purpose.

For more about this topic, watch this week’s show!

Blessings, Jimmy Evans


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