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” The Me I Want To Be” By Jeff Bates

April 10, 2013

“The Me I Want To Be”
By Jeff Bates

Hey man would you tell me about Jesus
And show me how to find amazing grace
Where I come from surrender means weakness
And hell ain’t where you go
It’s what you raise
But I cant stand to see the man in the mirror
Looking out at me

Cause I burn with anger
and rage like dangerous waters on a roaring sea
And I justify what I know ain’t right
In my mind I rewrite history
Cause if I say it long enough to me
It’ll be the lie that I believe
But that ain’t the Me I wanna be

I never thought I needed a savior
I was tough enough save myself
But time can change your perspective
When you spend it locked up in a jail
hollow sad eyes
On the dark side of the mirror
Staring at me

And the tears start falling
And I hear my voice calling
Out to God as I fall to my knees
And I cry for mercy
Though I don’t deserve it
And the spirit of forgiveness sets me free
And somewhere in the darkness I find peace
As the light of redemption shines on me
Yeah that’s the me I wanna be

Then I stare past the mirrored glass
At the face smiling back at me
Yeah that’s the me I wanna be!


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