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One: Marriage Today Devotional by Jimmy Evans #44

March 27, 2013 One: Marriage Today Devotional by Jimmy Evans #44

A Common Vision

Can two walk together, unless they are agreed? (Amos 3:3)

Here’s another way of asking this question from the book of Amos: “How can two people get anywhere together without first agreeing on some basic things about the trip?”

It’s a rhetorical question. The obvious answer is, “They can’t.” Two people who are not in agreement simply can’t journey together—not peacefully anyway. Their journey will be a constant battle with very little forward progress. This is especially true of the longest two-person journey in life—marriage.

Over twenty years ago, Karen and I met a special couple, David and Linda Smith. They are the only couple I’ve ever met that I thought might be happier than Karen and me. One day, David shared with me the secret of their happy marriage: Every year they go on a vision retreat.

The Smiths take a three- or four-day trip to get away and spend time praying and talking together about every area of their lives—children, finances, schedules, romance, spirituality, friends, extended family, etc. After spending the mornings praying and talking, they fill their afternoons and evenings with fun and romance. They come away from the retreat with a common vision to guide them through the year.

After talking with David, Karen and I took our first vision retreat. It transformed our already good marriage and took us 144 Jimmy Evans to a higher level. Since then, we have practiced having regular vision retreats, and I highly recommend them to every couple.

A vision retreat helps you see the big picture of your marriage and what it’s all about. The truth is, your life is about something bigger than yourself. You were created by a great God to do something bigger and beyond “you.” Finding God’s purpose for your life together is one of the key foundations of peace and fulfillment in marriage.

Here are three things that a vision retreat will help you accomplish:

1. Discover the God-given purpose for your marriage.

2. Come to an agreement about key issues of your life together.

3. Draw closer together and form a powerful vision for your family’s future.

Talk It Out | Have you ever considered taking a vision retreat together? Talk about the possibilities and any obstacles you would need to work through. Then, go a step further and begin making plans. Consider picking up a copy of The Mountaintop of Marriage, a vision retreat manual that will guide you step-by-step to make the most of your retreat (available at

Walk It Out | Have a mini-retreat by driving out to the country one night, away from the city lights, and gazing up at the star-filled sky. Use this time to share your hopes and dreams with each other.

I will write this very carefully, several years ago while traveling to and from a funeral I traveled with a person who somehow decided I was rich and took advantage of what I had (1990) and cost them $200 more in restitution. In 1996, I moved to the State in which I now live. A different person was with me, but acted the same. Their agenda and plans did not match mine. In 1996, the culprit even had the guts to inform me when and how to Pray. Not knowing I was Praying without ceasing during the whole trip, I was moving on instructions from The Lord Jesus Christ, to reunite with the one person He wanted me with for the rest of my natural life as his wife 100%. Which The Lord sill wants DONE! I am praying daily for the Lord’s plans to happen.

God way is always the best way. I am all for a copy of The Mountaintop of Marriage, a vision retreat manual that will guide you step-by-step to make the most of a/our retreat for us. I have it on my Kindle Fire and I even checked the the Department of Tourism for possible places to do it – on a tank of gas (maybe two, just out of range of distraction).

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