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One : Marriage Today Devotional by Jimmy Evans

March 11, 2013

One : Marriage Today Devotional by Jimmy Evans

Tug of War

Love each other with genuine affection and take delight in honoring each other. (Romans 12:10 NLT)

Dominance is one of the most damaging dynamics that can exist in any relationship—especially marriage. God simply didn’t intend for marriage to be a relationship where one spouse would dominate the other.

To understand this, we have to go back to the Garden of Eden before the fall of mankind. In the Bible, there isn’t a reference indicating Adam was superior to Eve or vice versa, until the fall. After Adam and Eve ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, God pronounced a curse over them. In Genesis 3:16, we find that He told Eve her desire would be for her husband, and he (Adam) would rule over her. The word desire in that scripture means “a desire to usurp authority.”

Dominance and a struggle for power or superiority in a marriage are the result of our fallen nature, and they destroy intimacy and goodwill in the relationship. Early in our marriage, I was very dominant over Karen and didn’t respect her input or value her as a person. It led us to the brink of divorce. In a dark moment in my life, the light of Christ broke through my hard heart and I made the decision to stop dominating Karen and to begin treating her as an equal. The results were astounding.

It must be understood that dominance is as common among women as it is men. There is only one answer—both spouses must surrender themselves and the marriage to the authority of Christ and stop trying to control the marriage. This means the dominant spouse must have a humble attitude and “stand down.” It also means the dominated spouse must stop enabling the dominance. He or she must lovingly “stand up” and take an active, equal position in the relationship.

Marriage is a partnership of two equals under God’s authority.

The best marriages are those where both the husband and wife are committed to doing God’s will. Their time and energy isn’t spent fighting each other; it is spent finding God’s will and doing it. This is how God created marriage to function in the beginning. It’s still the only way it works.

Talk It Out | Spend a few minutes separately thinking about the issue of being equals in your marriage. Then talk about it together and determine any changes you need to make in order to keep your marriage an active and equal partnership.

Walk It Out | Turn off the television or any other distraction and give each other your undivided attention during your dinner meals this week. If you have young children and mealtimes are hectic, use the time after the kids are in bed to focus on each other and have a real conversation.

Reminds me of the “Zits” comic Strip for today on


I have a Bible Study App called YouVersion that I sometimes share on my WordPress page because I wanted to be able to get a message out that open communication is one thing that should not be cancelled like a bad trip to the beauty parlor, which by the way I have not contributed to the place in over 12 years and money was not always the case, nor the service rendered. I have other post that land here as well, but I want them to be a honest and open to comment as well as clean. I have some high morals, as well as a sense of humour (play dough post- for a date night option).

This post was written by Jimmy Evans of MarriageToday Devotional.

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