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January 6, 2013



It’s normal for cockatiels to be very vocal when they wake up in the morning and at night right before they go to sleep, this is their way to say “good morning” and “good night” to every body. Tiels will also be very vocal if you have been out for a while and you come home to them, this is their way to greet you, and let you know that they are very happy you are home to play with them.

Now cockatiels can get very spoiled, and they can learn very fast how to control you. This is where excessive screaming might take place. If you come to the cage every time your cockatiel screams, your cockatiel will understand that screaming equals to you coming over. You do this a few times and your cockatiel will develop the ability to use their screams as a “remote control” to make you come over.

Here are a few tips to break this vicious cycle:

• Do not feed your cockatiel in response to the screaming, if you do, you are just rewarding your tiel for what is doing. • If you have been out of the house for a while, do spend sometime with your cockatiel. • Moving your cockatiel to a new area of the house might increase screaming. • Understand that cockatiels are not supposed to be quiet animals, so allow for normal noisy periods. • Do not reward excessive screaming with attention and drama. • Teach your cockatiel a contradictory sound, such as whistling or whispering. • Always reinforce good noises with lavish praise and attention. • Always ignore the sounds that you don’t like, such as excessive screaming. • Look for patterns in screaming episodes, then look for ways to prevent the pattern from starting.

It’s difficult to make a cockatiel NOT to be loud. Difficult, but not impossible. It just take a lot of patience and time. Like most animals, cockatiels are conditioned to repetitive routines and tasks. A human baby can learn very quickly that by crying, he can make mom come to his crib anytime he wants. If Mom comes every time the baby cries, the baby has trained mom to come at his will. Cockatiels are not different. A cockatiel knows that he can train you to come to the room if he squawks enough. You would have to introduce your bird to a routine where he knows you won’t come when he squawks all the time. Tiels can be persistent and they will try to wear out your patience by just being louder than before. The important thing for you is not to pay attention, go for a walk watch TV but do not surrender to your tiels demands. Again, if your tiel has been doing this for a while it will take time to condition your cockatiel.

• The Cockatiel was first discovered in Australia in 1770. It did not become popular until the Australian gold rush in the nineteen hundreds.

• The fumes emitted from cookware coated with Teflon can kill your Cockatiel.

• Cockatiel seeds, how do you know if they are good and nutritious? Sprout them! If less than 70% of the seeds sprout, they have died and also its nutritional value. Place some cockatiel seeds on a container covered with a paper towel. Soak the seeds with water. Make sure you keep the seed moist for the next few days by just spraying them, they should sprout in about 4 to 5 days. You can wash them and can give them to your tiel, they are very good and nutritious.

• Do you know what a Galatiel is? Is when a cockatiel and an Australian bird named Gallah have chicks together

• In the wild, you’ll see immense flocks of cockatiels circling the sky in search of large bodies of water where they can rest, breed, and escape from the Australian heat.

• Cockatiels are very sociable birds and will get depressed if they are left alone for long periods of time. They may hit their heads against cages, pull their feathers, refuse to eat, or become angry. It’s best to get a pair of cockatiels if you know you’ll be out of your house for long periods of time.

• Male cockatiels are better are talking and whistling than female cockatiels. In the wild the male cockatiel use sounds to attract females.

• Cockatiels can be considered as the most widely kept parrot other than parakeet or budgie.

• Hand fed cockatiels are more likely to talk than the parent fed ones.

• If having a talking bird is your prime goal you might consider a larger parrot before getting a cockatiel. It’s easier for a cockatiel to whistle than to talk.

• The cockatiel life span can reach up to 22 years, though the standard is 15 years. This life span is based on proper care, nutrition and environment where your tiel lives.

• Drafty areas in your house can be very bad for your cockatiel, it can even kill them by making your tiel very sick. Don’t place the cage anywhere there might be a direct or indirect draft like air conditioning vents. If you want to find out if there is a draft you are not aware of, place a candle in the area you are thinking of placing the cage. It if flickers, there’s a draft there, so find another area for your cage.



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