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HELLO AMERICA …remember when?

December 22, 2012

Fezzy Bear

Hello America, The End Of The Old World According To Mayan Calander 12/21/2012. Well it is certainly a new age in the history of the World, far, far, from the United States of my youth, when the most violent thing we ever saw was The Lone Ranger shooting apples off of the Trees, and Tonto helping Kimosabe pick them up. Guns in every School?, every teacher packing a pistol? instead of food fights in the cafeteria now we have gun fights? you people are savages you know that don’t you? like I said far, far from the United States of my youth. where did we go wrong? is what your really asking. It started with the Hippy Movement of the late 60’s Drugs, Fee Love, no respect for law, and no respect for the Establishment, or the traditional established laws of the nation. A new Age they promised, The Age of Aquarius they said, New Morals, a New and Better Society, they promised. and many of those Hyppies now inhabit the halls of our federal, state and local goverments. now it is 50 years since this new experiment was started. let me ask you, do you think it worked? was Newer Better? No No the Old Ways were far better. No Illegal Drugs, No Illegal People, No Illegal SHooting anybody, Bad people got hung, shot or electricuted. a much better system, of law. and who changed those laws? none other than the Kenndy School of Law, at Harvard. they had a better way, a more humane way, and thus by the Harvard Lawyers in the Justice department we arrived at our current circumstances. should we put guns in the schools? is that the answer? No we Hang, Shoot, and Electricute the bad people in society instead of putting them through the revolving doors of the prison penial system, lets return to the Old Ways before its too late. Sincerely Fezzy Bear

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