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December 20, 2012

Family Preparedness Checklist Remove dead or rotting trees that could fall on your house or property if struck by lightning.

Move inside your house or garage anything on your property that could become flying debris.

Unplug any appliances or electronic equipment.

Inventory all valuables in the home with pictures or video. Note the approximate value of each item and date of purchase.

Make sure important documents, such as an insurance policy or mortgage papers, are stored in a safe-deposit or safe box.

Read and understand your insurance policy, especially disclosures.

Examine your homeowners’ coverage, as well as auto policies.

Be sure you have adequate coverage and deductibles reasonable for your needs.

If you have expensive or specialty items (e.g. jewelry, furs, silverware, cameras, collectibles, etc.), speak with your agent about broader coverage, as limits do apply under a homeowners’ policy.

Sign up for The Weather Channel’s severe weather mobile alerts.

Listen to NOAA Weather Radio for important updates.

Consider buying a whole-house surge protector. Whole-house surge protection can protect against lightning strikes or damaged power lines that could cause a fire.

Protect mementos in waterproof containers and/or take the items with you if you evacuate.

Take care of your pets. Doghouses aren’t lightning-safe, and dogs that are tied to trees or other tall objects can also be hit by lightning.


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