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November 30, 2012

Wow Power

Posted on November30, 2012by mattchong

When I was in high school, Itook my first marketing class. It was fun. Insteadof a textbook, our teacherwould assign uscool projectsand pitches. Ilearned how to developa business plan, eventlayout andeven an amateurmarketing campaign.

My big takeaway fromthisclasswas theidea of “Wow Power”. The teachergraded us fairly forourprojectsbut would give extra pointsfor what shecalled “Wow Power”. The idea wasthatno projectwouldget a perfect score unless she wasgenuinely blown away by whatwe presented to her.

Although thepoint of “Wow Power” wasto try to get extra points, italso taughtme aboutthe importance of creating inspiredwork. How many timeshaveyou gone into a pitch ormeeting and “Wowed” your client?

Imagineif we treated every project anddeliverable as an opportunity to wow your clientor boss. Think about the immediate effect that would have on your reputation, career and your sense of accomplishment.

Check out Seth Godin’sbook “Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?“. This book isthe epitome of Wow Powerin action


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