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Schedule a Date With Yourself

November 2, 2012


Schedule a Date With Yourself

Okay, so the title of this post sounds like its straight out of a self help book. But, before I dive into what I mean by a “date with yourself”, try not to judge the title too much.

So recently, my life and schedule has been humming along with the usual 7 nights a week of activity and trying to fit in coffee meetings, social time, personal projects and exercise into the mix. Like many busy urban Vancouverites, I try to squeeze in as many things as I can into the short 168 hours I have. (I know, such a small number eh?) That coupled with a bit of neurotic FOMO (Fear of missing out) means that I am usually out the door by 8 and back at home around 11. After awhile, the busy schedule and the lack of time to myself can drive me a little crazy.

So this month, I decided to make a commitment to dedicate one night a week to just kicking it at home by myself. Essentially this one night a week is a non-negotiable evening to do whatever I need to do to catch up, work on my projects and actually cook a decent sit down meal. I kind of consider it a date with myself.

For the first two weeks, I actually ended up scheduling activities on my date night but finally last week, I got the hang of it. I got home early, made a great meal (Pork Chops, Brussel Sprouts and Beets), tidied up my apartment, caught up on my reading, journaled and did some work on some of my projects.

I’ve found that having this night to myself to recharge and catch my breath has made an incredible difference to the rest of my week. Regardless of how stressful and crazy things get during the week, I always have that one night a week to look forward to.

So, I recommend you try it! Take one night out of your week to spend some time hanging out with yourself. Essentially a date to do whatever you want.

You work hard! So why not give yourself a little TLC.


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