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New Thought! (JONAH!)

September 3, 2012


Several years ago, my husband and I obeyed God and moved to Anchorage, Alaska. To be honest, I hated it! I grew up in a small town in the Pacific Northwest and was used to short winters, hot summers, and friendly people. As if the climate change wasn’t bad enough, the people drove me crazy. Alaska is often where the independent loner types go. I’m not a loner in any sense of the word, so to me it was horrible!

I got a good job, but my boss was unfriendly, and my co-workers didn’t hesitate to persecute me for my faith. I was confused, cold, and lonely. After several months, I went to my pastor’s wife to lament. I was sure if I compared myself to someone in the Bible, I could garner sympathy.

“I told her, “I feel like Jonah! I know God called us here, but I hate it!” She very lovingly said, “There are two ways to look at it: You can get your attitude right and do what God has called you to do, or you can sit under your grapevine and pout. Which is it going to be?””

I went home, repented to God for my attitude and, within 2 weeks, I was promoted, I found favor with my co-workers, I grew closer to God, I met wonderful people, and the blessings haven’t stopped! Seven years later, I love Alaska, the people, and wouldn’t change any of our time here for the world. As I’ve recalled what my pastor’s wife said, I’ve realized my identification with Jonah was more correct than I realized, and the reason is this: Jonah was operating in judgment when God had asked him to operate in mercy and, in so doing, he brought misery on himself. I had unintentionally done the same thing. I had obeyed God by going to the right location, but I removed myself from the blessing by choosing to judge those whom God had called me to.

James 2:13 says that God’s mercy triumphs over judgment. As His representatives, we won’t be able to reach a hurting world or walk in His blessings unless our hearts are aligned with God’s. God hasn’t called us to misery! He’s called us to reconciliation, which brings restoration, fulfillment, and blessing. So if you feel like Jonah, ask God where you’ve operated in judgment and then choose to lay it aside and to pick up mercy. Then prepare for God to turn it around!

Submitted by Olivia Wolf


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