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The Bible is God’s Words

Carman Licciardello

BUT IS THE BIBLE THE WORD OF GOD OR MAN ? Ultimately everything we choose to believe requires faith. Whether it’s the Bible being Gods word or 2 rocks crashing in space and creating life. Whether it’s the documents of a scientist or the documents of men who walked with Jesus. Unless we were there to see the dinosaurs drop over sideways and fall dead or actually saw a risen Christ walk out of the grave. It all requires faith in someone else’s writings. Seeing that’s the case, here is why I would choose to believe in this book called the Bible over all others. First, it’s not 1 book. It’s 66 books. Written over 1,000’s of years by different people from all walks of life who lived in time periods, spoke different languages, had different occupations, but all testified to the same unfolding fact. There is but one God and one mediator between God and man. Jesus Christ. And they never contradicted each other from Genesis to Revelation. People hate hearing that. So we question the Bible more than any other historical document. No one wants to believe their a sinner in need of a savior. So like a bathroom scale that doesn’t say what we expect it should say, we assume it’s broke or off or needs fixing. But the Bible doesn’t need fixing. It’s Ten Commandments are still etched on the walls of our Supreme Court and every president who takes the oath of office puts his hand on it as he takes that oath as a symbol of truth. It says what it says and we either accept it or reject it. A very simple premise. But then the issue always comes up “It was written and changed and messed up by man”. Here’s a common sense thought: I was watching a special on TV about how gangs, Mafia family’s, Skin heads and even K.K.K. Groups are controlled by leaders who are behind bars in maximum security prisons. They have ways of sending orders and detailed instructions on how thing are to be run. They’ve been doing this for decades. They are smart, cunning and ruthless. Figuring out ways to make sure they’re messages get out and are delivered with deadly accuracy. So the issue is really this: If a lifetime criminal can figure out a way how to make sure his messages are delivered properly from death row to his followers, I find it hard to believe that a God, who spoke the worlds into existence, can’t figure out a way of protecting and preserving his word down through the ages so it can be delivered accurately to his followers too. If God is incapable of doing what the leader of a Mafia organization can do, then yes – his word had been compromised and you can’t trust any of it. But if God is smarter than a skin head then Jesus words are dead on when he says “You must be born again”. Can I hear at least one amen…

Noted. Like some of the Hamus said. “The Israelites God is throwing our missiles off course” That is my God! 😆

God help us


By Pastor Mark Jeske

So Gay Marriage Is Here. What Now?

The Christian world is badly divided on this issue of gay marriage.

The left generally has supported the LGBT agenda, although at great cost as their denominations have hemorrhaged members and congregations.

So what do the rest of us Christians do now?

Here are ten thoughts:

I don’t fear that gay people who want to get married are a serious threat to heterosexual marriages. The greatest threat to heterosexual marriage is heterosexual people. In my pastoral opinion, the best thing straight Christians can do to protect one-man-one-woman marriage is to take better care of their own marriages. Marriage is like a car—if you just drive it and drive it and never refuel or do maintenance, the car will die by the side of the road.The greatest damage to straight marriage is done by straight people who don’t bother to get married but just cohabit, or single straight people who just sleep around as though it is their right, or married straight people who want to act like they’re single. We can do a lot more good for the state of heterosexual marriage in our world by putting serious work and respect into God’s marital design.Christians should stop expecting that their government will be the teacher of national morality. The only possible source of a code of conduct that is universally true for all human beings on earth is the Bible. Our nation’s laws are based not on the Bible but on what the people say they want. That’s the downside risk. But there’s an upside—the darker and bleaker that our world gets, the better and more desirable our Christian communities will appear. Where God’s Word and Spirit are disappearing, Satan moves in. In Satan’s wake are always pain, conflict, hatred, selfishness, and cruelty.Opposition to the LGBT agenda and lifestyle is not homophobia. That very word is a made-up mishmash—phobos is the Greek word for “fear.” We are not afraid of gay people. We are simply convicted by the clear words of Scripture. Neither are we haters. Christians whose harsh words make them look like haters only make the biblical position look backward and distasteful.Any Christian who dares to utter an opinion on the sexuality of others better know what the Bible says. Do you know where the Scripture speaks about homosexuality? If our words are not based squarely on Scripture, then we will just appear driven by prejudice rather than principle.Businesses run by straight people who oppose the LGBT agenda will probably no longer be allowed to discriminate against gay people with their goods and services. Christian bakers will have to make cakes for gay weddings, photographers cannot say no to gay fiancés, companies cannot fire people for sexual preference, and bed-and-breakfasts will have to allow gay couples as guests. The law’s compulsions on businesses, however, do not constitute approval of the lifestyle on behalf of the owners.  There has always been a subset of the human population that is sexually attracted to the same gender. You can argue the percentage, but the desires will always be there in some. That means that there are people sitting in the pews with you on Sunday who are wrestling with their desires. People with same-sex desires are people too, people loved unconditionally by the Lord, sinners just like you and me in desperate need of the blood of the Lamb. People who feel shunned by their families and churches are often intensely lonely and can find acceptance and support only in the gay world. We need to find a way to make people with gay desires feel valued and loved even while discouraging living the lifestyle. We must find a way to welcome people even when not sanctioning parts of their lifestyle. Gay people need to be in church. Gay people need Jesus.LGBT advocates argue that the very presence of gay desires legitimizes those desires. Their Christian allies will say things like, “This is how God made me.” Biblical Christians do not have to yield on this point. The presence of a desire in someone’s mind and heart does not make it right. A persistent subset of the population fantasizes about sex with children. That does not make it right.My greatest regret about the legitimization of gay marriage is that it will damage the individuals themselves. Gay desires will always be there, but it is repentance that brings Christ’s forgiveness and new strength. First Corinthians 6:9-11 teaches us that arsenokoitai (men who have sex with other men) will not inherit the kingdom of God. Steadfast rejection of God’s Word only brings divine judgment and condemnation.Kindly note that heterosexual adulterers come under the same judgment, as do thieves and swindlers. Christians do our world no good when they appear to single out homosexuality as worse than other sins. All sinners need to acknowledge their accountability to God, compare their lives to his standards, repent of their failings, claim the forgiveness that Jesus bought, and then fill themselves with Word and Spirit to make the changes they need to make. Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians chapter 6, “And that is what some of you were” (note the verb tense—people can change their lifestyles).

Pastor Mark Jeske has been bringing the Word of God to viewers of Time of Grace since the program began airing in late 2001. A Milwaukee native, Pastor Jeske has served as the senior pastor at St. Marcus Lutheran Church on Milwaukee’s near north side since 1980. In addition, he is the author of six books and dozens of devotional booklets on various topics. You can sign up to receive his daily Grace Moment devotions via e-mail byclicking here.

Reposted 6/30/2015


Hello Virtue Ladies,

The other day I heard someone say, “Strong is the new pretty.” I’d like to change it up and say,“Virtue is the new pretty.” Girls are so blasted with different definitions of what pretty looks like.

How would you define “pretty”?

Pretty is . . .

The color pink?

The right size body?

The perfect shade of lipstick?

It is possible for a girl to pursue all of this and still feel unsure, unwanted. What does virtue look like? Is it a soft focus photograph of a girl in a field twirling, arms outstretched, face photoshopped to perfection? I challenge you to take a walk through the pages of the Bible and study the diversity. I guarantee the stories are about as countercultural as you can get. Some were naturally athletic, outspoken, fearless, devout, hardworking, thoughtful. Others were social outcasts, mess-ups, rejected, tormented, desperate. But they were loved and unforgotten. And it is love that transformed them into life givers, kingdom builders.

What we need in the midst of the crazy, mind-numbing message being thrown at us is to know the love of a Heavenly Father. A love which teaches us a way to see ourselves, a new way to be pretty. A perspective that is shaped and informed by the Word of God.

This is what the Girl Talk Summer Series is all about! Bringing girls in touch with our Father God who created us and understands our complexities. Come join us and make new friends who believe in a definition of pretty that transcends all magazine trends of what’s hot/what’s not.

You are invited to these three life-changing evenings, full of phenomenal music and speakers who will bring us good news. It is going to be amazing, so don’t miss this opportunity!

Week 1: We will look at the purpose and power of friendship, along with phenomenal music and a powerful interview featuring Lacey Sturm.

Week 2: Sally Lloyd-Jones. This NY Times best-selling author and speaker will share her unique gift of bringing the gospel to every age, and maybe even captivate us by reading from some of her books!Week

3: Elyse Fitzpatrick. Author, speaker . . . what can I say, I love this lady! She will deliver the good news for weary women. Trust me she has the “goods”, serves it straight up, no cutesy stories, no fluff. Bring your Bible and notebooks ’cause you will want to take notes!

Here are the details and how to easily register for Girl Talk:

Harvest OC 7:00 P.M., Wednesday, July 1, 8, 15

2727 Campus Drive Irvine, CA 92612

Harvest Riverside 7:00 P.M., Thursday, July 2, 9, 16

6115 Arlington Avenue, Riverside, CA 92504

Don’t forget, although it is free, you must register, so call some girlfriends and join us!

Think About It!

Her Daughter Thought She Was In Love. Until She Inserted Her Boyfriend’s Name In THIS Bible Verse!

Love Is…

If you’ve ever raised a teenage girl, then you can really appreciate this piece of advice. We have two daughters and it seemed they fell in love as quickly as the seasons changed. So, when I read this mom’s idea using scripture…well, I just had to pass it along. Blessings!

This little idea has been circulating aroundFacebook for a while, but I thought it was worth sharing one more time.

When our daughters began navigating the “dating” waters, I just wanted to stick my head in the sand but knew I couldn’t ignore it forever. So, we began talking with them about appropriate behavior, clothing and emotional / physical boundaries. YIKES! In this ever-changing world, we were “pushing the noodle up hill” as they say. In other words, we were in for a bumpy ride!

And then I saw this ‘idea’ on Facebook about “crushes.”


1 Corinthians 13:4-6 teaches us about what Love looks like. For example, Love is patient, Love is kind, Love does not boast, etc.

So, here’s your daughter’s “boyfriend” test. Read the scripture but place the young boy’s name before each Love attribute.

For example, if the young boy’s name is Sean (as below), simply say his name before each attribute. “Sean is patient. Sean is kind. Sean does not boast.” And?


If this young man can “PASS” this test then maybe he’s a keeper! But, if not, well then, you know what to do.

Another thought…read this scripture for yourself and insert your own name. For example, “Jennifer is kind. Jennifer does not rejoice at wrongdoing.” Do I fully SEE myself living out God’s word? Does my spouse see me living out God’s word?

Thank you, Facebook, for just one more awesome tip as we navigate life. May God bless our reading of His word. Amen.


Husband Said He Couldn’t AFFORD His Wife As A Stay-At-Home-Mom And Wrote THIS Amazing Letter–Whoa!

“You are more precious than rubies.”

This couple made the difficult decision that once their son was born, his wife (the mom) would stay home and care for their son, house and home.

But it wasn’t long before this husband realized something incredibly important. He could not afford for his wife to stay home. Keep reading..there’s a twist and it made me smile with joy as he expressed his appreciation for his wife and her work!!

Steven Nelms has been married to wife, Gloriana (Glory for short) for 3 years. Together, they have a two-year-old son named Ezra.

When Steven and Glory got married, Glory worked while Steven finished up school. Once their son was born, it didn’t seem financially possible for Glory to go back to work. Nelms explains.

“With childcare costs it would’ve been a wash with her income at best. So we decided that she would stay home as long as it made sense.”

In an attempt to appreciate all of the work Glory does for the family, he put a numerical value on it. Nelms posted this profound essay entitled “We Are Glory.”

“I’ve had this thought in my head for a while now. I’ve been thinking that I can’t afford for my wife to be a Stay-At-Home Mom. Now, I don’t at all mean to offend anyone with this post. I just have to say that for me personally, I can’t afford it… I mean that I quite literally cannot afford my wife to be staying at home. Here’s why…

My wife stays home and takes care of our son every single day. She changes his diapers, feeds him, plays with him, puts him down for his nap, and comforts him when he’s upset. And that’s just the bare minimum.

A child can typically get that attention at a day-care. Let’s face it. In our day and age… there is a company ready and willing to do just about anything for our children. So while, yes, my wife is my son’s mother and it is a natural result of being a parent to love and care for your own child, there is also a very quantifiable dollar amount that can be attributed to the services rendered. I am in no way trying to simplify, objectify, or devalue the priceless love of a mother for her child.

But let’s be real. Pay day feels good for a reason. Because you’re seeing your hard work appreciated in a tangible way. And this is exactly why I can’t afford my wife being a Stay-At-Home Mom. The national average weekly salary for a full-time nanny is $705. That’s $36,660 a year.

We make ends meet comfortably and are by no means scraping the bottom of the barrel… [but] the services rendered of caring for our child every single day of the year would absorb the majority of our income. Flat out, no question, game over, I cannot afford my wife to be a Stay-At-Home Mom. And that’s just the beginning of it.

Nelms explains further based on his own personal findings:

Cleaning Service: $50-100 per visit once a week = $5,200 a year.

Personal Shopper (running the errands like buying groceries and “a new pack of white undershirts”): $65 per hour at 4 hours a week = $13,525 a year.

Chef (lunch and dinner): $240 a week = $12,480 a year.

“So far we’re looking at a grand total of $67,860! Remember, we’re working with extremely conservative averages here.”

Nelms takes it a step further:

Financial Assistant (paying the bills, finances, budgeting): $15 an hour — add $75 an hour if your wife plays a part in “professional interactions” like business dinners as, according to Nelms, the average for a PR assistant is $75 per hour.

Laundry: $25 a week, minimum.

“Let’s average 5 hours a week on financial services, 4 hours per business dinner (about 3 a year), and a weekly laundry service. Add that onto our very conservative estimates for childcare, house cleaning, and shopping, and that’s an annual salary of $73,960. Looking objectively at an almost insultingly conservative average of the services rendered, I cannot afford my wife.”

“My wife sometimes feels patronized when I ask her permission to buy something for myself. She feels like it’s my money and my name on the paycheck so I shouldn’t have to ask permission to get myself something every once in a while. The truth is, I’m ashamed of any time I’ve ever made her feel guilty or humored when she’s purchased something for herself. I’m ashamed that she has ever felt like she doesn’t have just as much right to our income as I do. The fact of the matter is that our income doesn’t even come close to covering what she does for our family. I would have to make over 100K to even begin to be able to cover my living expenses as well as employ my wife as a Stay-At-Home Mom!

In short, I can’t afford for my wife to stay at home. And I’ve tragically failed to show my wife the appreciation that she deserves. She loves me, loves our son, and loves our family, so obviously she isn’t doing any of those things for a paycheck or even for recognition. But it certainly doesn’t hurt to know that as a Stay-At-Home Mom her appraised salary is nearly double my actual income. So, in a very weird way, this is my way of saying how much I value my wife as the mother of my child and the one who always has my back no matter what. You are more precious than rubies. And I can’t afford you.“

Way to go, Steven and WELL SAID! Your powerful words will hopefully encourage others around you to determine for themselves what works for their household. Regardless, your words of love and appreciation for your wife and her work are beautiful! A model all husbands and wives can follow. Blessings on you, your wife and your son! Smile

Been there….I won! 👏

A Boy At School Snapped Her Bra. What She Did Next Is Gold.

This story will get you fired up, but I’m certain you’ll be satisfied with the outcome. A female student stands up for her rights and refuses to be bullied…and when the Mom arrives – she defends her daughter’s actions perfectly! Women should not have to deal with these situations, so why allow this to happen to children?

Read on below…

I’m an Emergency Room nurse and we’re not allowed to have our phones on us; they’re to be kept in our lockers. A call comes into hospital reception on a private line for me.

Phone: “This is [Teacher] from [School]. There’s been an incident involving [Daughter]. We need you to come in.”

Me: “Is she ill or injured? Can it wait until my shift is over in two hours?”

Phone: “[Daughter] has struck another student. We’ve been trying to call you for 45 minutes. It really is very serious.”

I go to the school and am ushered into the Principal’s office. I see my daughter, her advisor, a male teacher, the principal, a boy with blood around his nose and a red face, and his parents.

Principal: “Mrs. [My Name], how kind of you to FINALLY join us!”

Me: “Yeah, things get busy in the ER. I’ve spent the last hour administering over 40 stitches to a seven-year-old who was beaten by his mother with a metal ladle and then I had to deal with the police regarding the matter. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

(After watching him try to not act embarrassed, he tells me what has happened. The boy had snapped my daughter’s bra and she had punched him in the face… twice. I got the impression they were more angry with my daughter than the boy.)

Me: “Oh. And you want to know if I’m going to press charges against him for sexually assaulting my daughter and against the school for allowing him to do it?”

(They all get jittery when I mention sexual assault and start speaking at once.)

Teacher: “I don’t think it was that serious.”

Advisor: “Let’s not over-react.”

Principal: “I think you’re missing the point.”

(The boy’s mother then starts crying. I turn to my daughter to find out what happened.)

Daughter: “He kept snapping my bra. I asked him to stop but he didn’t, so I told Mr. [Teacher]. He told me to ‘ignore it.’ [Boy] did it again and undid my bra so I hit him. Then he stopped.”

(I turn to the teacher.)

Me: “You let him do this? Why didn’t you stop him? Come over here and let me touch the front of your trousers.”

Teacher: “What?! No!”

Me: “Does that seem inappropriate to you? Why don’t you go and pull on Mrs. [Advisor]’s bra right now. See how fun it is for her. Or on that boy’s mother’s bra. Or mine. You think just because they’re kids it’s fun?”

Principal: “Mrs. [My Name]. With all due respect, [Daughter] still beat another child.”

Me: “No. She defended herself against a sexual attack from another pupil. Look at them; he’s nearly 6 feet and 160 pounds. She’s 5 feet and 84 pounds. He’s a foot taller than her and twice as heavy. How many times should she have let him touch her? If the person who was supposed to help and protect her in a classroom couldn’t be bothered, what should she have done? He pulled her bra so hard it came undone.”

(The boy’s mom is still crying and his dad looks both angry and embarrassed. The teacher won’t make eye contact with me. I look at the principal.)

Me: “I’m taking her home. I think the boy has learned his lesson. And I hope nothing like this ever happens again, not only to [Daughter], but to any other girl at this school. You wouldn’t let him do it to a member of staff so what makes you think he can do it to a girl of 15 is beyond me. I will be reporting this to the school administrators. And if you—” *turning to the boy* “—EVER touch my daughter again I WILL have you arrested for sexual assault. Do you understand me?”

I was so angry, I gathered my daughter’s things and left. I reported it to the School Board, several of whom I know, and was assured it would be strongly dealt with.

My daughter was put into a different class for that subject, away from the teacher and the boy.

Thanks 👏👏👏


I woke up this morning and saw his face everywhere. I kept hoping that it was just another rumor, and that someone had it wrong. I felt the ache wash over me, that pain in my heart that had only just begun to heal.

I saw his face, his body dressed in that familiar blue, his eyes made serious for his official picture. 25 years old – and gone. Officer Brian Moore. Who will mourn him? Who will even remember his name?  The names of violent criminals have become common on the lips of everyone in this country, while he, and the thousands more like him go quietly to their graves, their sacrifice deemed less important on the nightly news than the birth of a royal child overseas or a has-been celebrity’s big announcement.

There is no way to explain what happened. Not this time, nor any other.

All the feelings rush in, all over again. Horror at the act, rage at the injustice, relief that it wasn’t my own who died, and guilt over that relief. “Hey, did you hear about that cop who was shot?” I hear people casually ask in the store, and I struggle to hold back my tears. Has it come to this? His brutal and vicious murder is merely another topic over lunch break?

My husband’s eyes are full of pain, betrayal. Another life lost, but no connection will be made in the minds of the public. The criminals and the evil hearts grow more confident by the day, sure that whatever happens, they will riot and yell and throw nation-wide tantrums until they have beaten the good into the ground.

But the good never dies forever. You can burn the cities, pillage the stores, spit on their graves, and accuse them unjustly, and yet tomorrow my husband will once again stand up and serve. He will put on that uniform and wear it proudly, his heart battered but never weak.

He will walk the streets you are afraid to travel.

He will face the horror you see only on your screens.

He will hold the bruised, beaten body of a toddler and sing her the lullabies he sings to his children.

He will watch young people throw their lives away, buying into the lies and agenda of rich, soul-less politicians, and his helplessness will make him angry.

He will try desperately to hold onto his humanity, sometimes by the smallest thread, while all around him he is surrounded by man’s inhumanity to man.

And I –  every day, I will kiss him goodbye, never sure that I will feel his lips on mine again. Every knock, every phone call will fill me dread, and every news report will make me scream inside. Today, Officer Moore. Tomorrow – who is next?

Tonight, I will fall asleep in his arms, sure that for these few hours, he is safe and he is well.

Tomorrow – we will begin it all again.

xoxo, Anna

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